Find the Pure Clay Mask that’s just right for you

After a serious comeback into the beauty sphere, clay is currently the star ingredient of the latest face masks. With its wide range of skin benefits - from purifying to smoothing and mattifying – it's easy to understand why beauty enthusiasts love it.

Introducing, L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Mask range - the #1 clay mask brand in Canada – featuring masks all formulated with three mineral clays (kaolin clay, montmorillonite, and Moroccan lava) and a one super ingredient customized for each skin type. Ready to offer your skin a spa-worthy skin treatment with face masks at home? Find out the perfect Pure-Clay mask for your needs and get beautiful skin in just 10 minutes.

Charcoal Mask: Brightening Mask for Dull Skin

Don’t judge the Pure-Clay Energizing & Brightening mask by its dark muddy look. Formulated with three mineral clays and charcoal, it immediately cleanses pores, leaving your skin free of impurities, dirt and pollution that may have congested your pores over the week. Known for its strong attracting properties, the charcoal purifies your pores by drawing out toxins on your skin’s surface, while the mineral clays gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

How to use it: Brighten up dull, tired looking skin by applying the charcoal mask all over your face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas, or highlight some of your features – chin, nose, cheekbones, forehead – by applying only on these targeted areas.

When to use it: On a Friday night, before going out. Or whenever your skin needs a glow boost.

Red Mask: Pore Minimizing & Exfoliating Mask for Rough Skin

Dealing with large pores? The Pure-Clay Exfoliating & Pore Refining mask with red algae extract is exactly what you need! Let this clay mask get rid of dead skin cells, impurities and oil as you rinse it off. After a single use, your skin texture will look refined and smoother, while minimizing your pores.

How to use it: Use it all over your face for a healthier and smoother looking skin. Apply it on areas of your face showing large pores to perfect your skin texture.

When to use it: For best results, use the exfoliating mask three times a week and make sure you don’t skip Sunday nights. Who doesn’t want to kick off the week with fresh, smooth looking skin?

Green Mask: Mattifying Face Mask for Oily Skin

You are looking for an effective way to deal with your oily skin or targeted oily areas of your face? We’ve got you covered! The Pure-Clay Purifying and Mattifying clay mask formulated with eucalyptus not only exfoliates and unclogs your pores, but also reduces excess oil and refreshes your skin. Upon use, your skin will appear less shiny, smoother and clearer. With continuous use, it will feel like it’s breathing a little better!

How to use it: If you have oily skin, apply an even layer of the clay mask all over your face to mattify your complexion. For combination skin, target the excess of shine on your forehead, nose and chin by applying the mask on these specific areas.

When to use it: Your skin texture will just get better with usage of our green clay mask. Use it up to three times a week, in the morning, before applying your makeup, for a flawless finish that lasts all day.

Now that you know all about the properties of our Pure-Clay masks, the only thing left for you to do is to get your hands dirty and reveal perfectly cleansed, fresh and smooth skin!

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