Second-Day Hair? More Like Best Hair Day

Not every day is an up-and-at-’em ready-for-the-world type of day. Some days, you really need that extra half-hour in bed. Some days, you sleep through your alarm. And on those days? You tend to put your hair up in a topknot. That’s right, second-day hair is often defined by sleek chignons or messy topknots in order to avoid washing, styling or needing to figure out those not-so-freshly-washed strands. But, it’s time to consider some serious time-savers that also happen to be the best hairstyling products, too. While a dry shampoo like L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Undone Volumizing Dry Shampoo is essential to absorb day two oils in the hair, there are a plethora of products you can pair it with to ensure you have another great hair day. Here’s how to save your second-day hair—in record time, no less.

Yesterday you had…soft bends or textured waves

Make sure to try L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Beachwaves Texturizing Mist to give your waves the added oompf they need to make it through your second day. Apply to damp or dry hair and scrunch as needed. The sea-salt formula (the best texturizing spray) will give you the right amount of texture with plenty of body and volume. Planning ahead? Consider this hair tip: Spray the product into your hair as soon as you wake up and add a few loose waves. After you’re done brushing your teeth and getting dressed scrunch your hair as needed.

Yesterday you had…frizz-free strands

If your first-day hair was silky smooth but now you’re battling weird creasing or new frizz, don’t worry. A quick pump of L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Sleek Smoothing Serum will work wonders. Smooth the serum-like formula onto your dry hair to tame frizz, and if you need it, run your straightener through your strands just to smooth out anything that needs it. No need to completely wash, dry and straighten your hair when you’ve got a quick fix at your fingertips. The best hairstyling products protect you from heat, and this one’s got you completely covered.

Yesterday you had…bouncy curls

Curls have a way of keeping you on your toes—will today be a good-hair day? The good news is that you can guarantee a good-hair day with the right products. Slept-on curls can sometimes fall flat, lose their definition or go a bit wilder than you’d like. But a defining, volumizing and bouncy fix is here: L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Curls Defining Spray. Dampen your hair a bit (a spray bottle works best), spray the goji-berry-extract-rich formula onto your hair and then use a diffuser and your fingers to enhance your curl pattern.

Yesterday you had…the perfect blowout

In a best-case scenario, a blowout can last for days—but not always. In fact, you’ll often wake up on day two full of hope, but, alas, your hair has fallen or reverted to its natural shape. Bye-bye, sleek blowout. Try L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Blowdry Heat Protective Primer, a creamy wax formula that helps to protect against heat and lock in shape and shine. You can definitely use this to perfect your full blowout at home, but when you’re on day two and just need a quick fix, dampen your hair before adding a touch of the cream to your strands, focusing on the ends. Then, using a round brush and a blow-dryer, smooth your hair, making sure to add shape at the ends and volume near the roots by lifting and turning the brush. This product helps your blowout last—so get ready to see days three and four as well.

Yesterday you had…a textured, choppy hairstyle

Textured ’dos tend to fall flat on day two, so it’s no surprise that short hairstyles like bobs and pixies need an added dose of texture the morning after. L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Pixie Shaping Cream-Wax is a shaping cream that can be pinched and scrunched until you get the texture you’re after. Apply it to dry hair and watch as your hair takes shape.

When in doubt, dry shampoo

Here’s the key on how to get rid of greasy hair: dry shampoo! All second-day hair—no matter the style or texture—can use a dose of dry shampoo. Reach for L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Undone Volumizing Dry Shampoo, the best dry shampoo that absorbs oil. It goes on invisible—and adds a touch of volume, too—so you’re completely refreshed, even without the shower. Plus, it will provide your strands with a volumizing kick.

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