Lash Serum 101: Why This Tool Is Your New Lash BFF

Ready to take your eyelash game to the next level? Meet lash serum, the new beauty MVP that’s as easy to use and effective as mascara and works to transform your natural assets into a full, fluttery fringe. Plus, learn to combine it with these makeup tips and tricks for lash-boosting results.

Show lashes extra love

There are days when you leap out of bed with glowing skin and shiny hair that seem to have spontaneously occurred. Those days are awesome! Now, with a little extra love, you can have all the feels about your eyelashes, too. L’Oréal Paris Lash Serum Solution contains a blend of nourishing ingredients that have long been used in skincare and haircare to deliver results. Inside the Lash Caring Complex is glycerine, a powerful emollient proven to restore and replenish, along with hyaluronic acid, the ultra-hydrating ingredient known to hold a thousand times its weight in water. The formula also includes provitamin B5, another hearty humectant capable of attracting and holding moisture. The antioxidant properties of madecassoside (a plant extract) and arginine (an amino acid) can be found, too. Add the conditioning serum to your beauty routine twice daily for four weeks and you’ll be waking up to denser, thicker-looking lashes. You’re also likely to notice less lash loss during makeup removal—good news for all but especially for anyone who favours lash extensions. 

Mix ’n’ match

Whether you add a few drops of liquid highlighter to your foundation or blend a just-right ratio of hair oil to curl cream, there are so many ways to cocktail your beauty routine for customized benefits. And your eyelashes are no exception! Playing mix master with different types of lash products is an easy way to DIY an instant lash boost. Start by adding L’Oréal Paris Lash Serum Solution to your beauty prep ritual morning and night. The hydrating blend creates thicker-looking lashes, and the ophthalmologist-tested formula is safe for anyone to use, including contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. Plus, the narrow brush tip applicator helps to sweep the lash serum along the upper lash line and lashes with precision. Next, discover the transformative effect of eyelash primer. Try L’Oréal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara Primer. It conditions with rose oil while creating a long-wearing base that will maximize the look of any type of mascara. Now it’s time to create a winning mascara combo, cocktailing layers of different formulas to achieve your dream lashes. For an eyelash lift that lasts, use a curling mascara as a base followed by a waterproof mascara for longevity. Can’t get enough of long lashes? Start with a lifting mascara and finish with a fibre-building formula to maximize length. And, yes, it’s possible to achieve increased volume without sacrificing separation. Try using a lengthening formula after a few coats of a thickening mascara; this works because the refined brush of the former acts as a clean-up crew. The only overall rule is to be experimental—the mascara combination possibilities, and lash results, are endless!

Try special F/X

An eyelash growth serum, a mascara primer and a wardrobe of mascaras are all key factors in the process of making lashes look their best. But adopting a few tricks that makeup artists swear by can take your lash game to the next level. Trick #1: Use an eyelash curler. A must-have tool among beauty pros, the handheld metal gadget gently presses lashes between two cushioned blades to imprint a curled shape that extends lashes up and out. Yes, there’s a slight learning curve to mastering the device. But experts promise that with a little bit of patience and practice, the after-effect of lashes with long-lasting lift and length is more than worth it. Trick #2: Besides extending lashes to make eyes look bigger, makeup artists also work to brighten up eyes to create an impact. Using a white eyeliner, like L’Oréal Paris Superliner Le Kohl Eye Liner in Immaculate Snow, along the waterline of the lower lash line is a go-to technique that has an illuminating effect. Trick #3: Use dark eyeliner to instantly beef up a lash line that has sparse lash growth. For this makeup artist hack, try filling in gaps with a black or dark-brown eyeliner, using the micro-dots of a finely sharpened pencil or an ultra-thin line of liquid liner to enhance definition where needed.

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