Is It Time To Grow Out Your Hair?

While there is no easy or predictable answer to that question, we are here to help with what you can do in the meantime. Here’s how you can protect your hair and achieve the long hair of your dreams.

When it comes to growing out your hair, split ends are enemy number one. Split ends occur when the ends of the hair fibre become separated, and while they typically occur at the end of the strand, they can quickly lead to additional splitting further along the length of the hair if left unchecked. 

Avoiding split ends requires minimizing your hair damage and maximizing its care. Incorporating masks and treatments into your hair care routine will give your strands some of the love it needs, but if your end goal is to grow out your hair, you need to ensure the products you use contain the right ingredients.

Dream Lengths shampoo and conditioner are formulated with a dream cocktail of vegetal keratin, castor oil and vitamins B3 and B5:

Keratin is a protein that serves as the building block of hair. Adding keratin to your hair care routine ensures that your hair strands will remain strong. 

Castor Oil rich in vitamin E, has become popular over the last years for its strengthening and anti-microbial properties, which are often associated to promoting healthy hair growth.

Vitamins B3 and B5 are often found in supplements for hair, skin and nails, and are linked to benefits such as bolstering hair fullness and hydration.

If your hair is craving some extra nourishment during washes, L'Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Savior Mask will restore hair back to full health, ensuring it is soft, shiny and strong. You can also take care of your hair during days between washes. Brushing and combing can damage your hair on a daily basis, so the L'Oréal Paris Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream is a leave-in treatment that nourishes your lengths while also protecting it from heat damage up to 180°C. The result? Hair is healthier and stronger, preventing split ends.

L'Oréal Paris recently expanded their cult fave Dream Lengths line to include even more must-haves to get your longest, strongest strands yet. Starting with L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths 8-Second Wonder Water, this in-shower treatment instantly detangles and smooths out strands providing impossible shine. Less tugging and pulling on hair when it’s brushed means less breakage and overall, healthier hair! 

This next product is for the curly girls. L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Super Curls Cream helps to nourish, tame and define all types of curls. This leave-in cream will have your locks feeling nourished and smooth, not crunchy. 
If you’re addicted to your hot tools, you might be damaging your hair which means less growth. L’Oréal Paris Heat Slayer Pre-Iron Spray is a foolproof spritz that protects your strands up to heat of 230 degrees Celsius. Simply spray onto wet hair before reaching for your blow dryer or flat iron and you’ll have sleek, shiny hair for three days. 

So is it time to grow out your hair? With our new reality of salons being less accessible, it might be the perfect time to achieve the long hair of your dreams. And if growing out your hair isn’t on your mind, protecting your hair until the next time you visit a salon is something that will still concern you. L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths franchise can be your helping hand during these uncertain times.

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