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How To Get The Top Hair Colour Trends For Summer 2020 At Home

  1. Chocolate Truffle

A perfect way for brunettes to update their hair for summer, the chocolate truffle trend is all about achieving a multidimensional brunette hair colour. To get this look at home, start by highlighting your hair using the Colorista Bleach Highlights kit. It comes with an applicator brush to make highlight placement and application easy. Once you have finished your highlights, choose your shade of brown with L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss. We suggest sticking within 1 shade darker or lighter than your natural colour for the best results. Run the colour all over and wait 20 minutes before rinsing. As Casting Crème is a semi-permanent hair colour, the highlights will become slightly lighter over time creating more contrast and will give your hair a sun-kissed look. If you want a colour that doesn’t change over time, you can opt for a Superior Preference shade of brown that will allow for luminous fade-defying colour.

  1. Colour-Blocking

The next trend we are seeing with celebrities and all over social media is colour blocking. Colour blocking differs from highlights, as the coloured area is precise, distinct and usually quite a bold contract to the rest of your hair colour. The most popular version colour blocking involves dyeing the first 1-2 inches of hair at the front of your head. To achieve this look at home as a brunette or red head, you will have to start with bleach. Again, we suggest our Colorista Bleach Highlights kit as it comes with the applicator or if you have a darker base, turn to Feria Extreme Platinum to ensure more colour lift. Finally, once the two strands are bleached you can leave it as is or use a fun shade of Colorista Semi-Permanent to make the strands pop. Our favourites are Turquoise, Red & Violet.

  1. All Over Bold

We are seeing tons of celebrities dye their hair with bold colours while at home because why not have a little fun with your hair colour? Whether you want to take the plunge permanently or just for a few washes, we have got you covered. In terms of bold, it is all about the tropical hues – think aquas, blues and of course the pinks which never go out of style. For a permanent bold hair colour, we suggest the Feria Metropical collection shades: Vivid Fuchsia or Bright Teal. For brunettes that want to experiment without the commitment, go with Colorista Semi-Permanent hair colour in Teal, Midnight Blue or Burgundy. For blondes who want to experiment with bold all over colour without the commitment go with Colorista Semi-Permanent hair colour in Hot Pink, Blue or Turquoise.

  1. Holographic

Drawing inspiration from fashion and the runways, the holographic trend has now hit hair colour. Whether you are a blonde who wants to go light opal or a brunette that wants a darker amethyst shade, you can easily achieve the trend at home. For blondes, go with Superior Preference’s Dark Blonde Opal and for brunettes, use our Feria Medium Cool Iridescent Brown. However, if you want to test out the trend before diving in permanently, opt for Colorista Hair Makeup in Moonstone which works on both bases and gives an amazing iridescent result.

  1. Blonde Highlights Are Always in Style

Whether you have a brunette or blonde base, some highlights are always in style for the summer. To refresh or create highlights at home, we suggest using our Colorista Bleach Highlights kit with the applicator brush. However, if you have a very dark base, you may want to opt for Feria Extreme Platinum, although we still recommend a brush for the application.

Additionally, here are a few more tips to ensure the best results:

  • Ensure you have some foil handy to separate out the pieces of hair you want to highlight –less is always better when it comes to the amount of hair.
  • Avoid a harsh line where your colour starts.
  • To have a bit of natural roots, twist the hair right above where you start the bleach then push up the bleach into the twist using your fingers.
    • You can also use this technique if you want more of an ombré effect with the lightening starting further down your hair length.

There you have it – our 2020 summer hair colour trends! Which one are you most excited to try?

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