How To Get Even Hair Colour

Achieving beautiful hair colour at home is not as hard as you think. Follow these expert tips for getting even colour every time.

  1. Start with a comparison test to determine how you will colour your hair by taking the length and ends of your hair and folding it up to your roots. A few scenarios to help guide you:
    • If your lengths and ends are much lighter than the colour near your roots, this means your colour may have faded more quickly at the bottom than at the roots. Apply the colour to your roots first and pull the colour through length and ends for the suggested time on the instructions.
    • If length and ends are only slightly lighter than your roots, start by colouring your roots first, wait 20 minutes and then colour rest of the hair for the last 10 minutes.
    • If there is no variation in colour between your lengths and ends, we suggest only adding dye to your roots for the full amount of time and leaving the rest of your hair untouched until you get into the shower. At this point, add a little water to the hair and emulsify the colour all the way through your hair for a few minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.
  2. Always use a comb and clips to section your hair (ideally non-metallic as this could oxidize colour) which makes application a lot easier. The smaller the section the more even the colour.
  3. If you have a lot of grey around your hairline, start your application in the front because it gives this area extra time to cover the grey.
  4. When rinsing your colour, take the time to emulsify the colour first by adding a little water in and massaging the dye into your hair. Not only does it help even out colour but it makes hair shinier.
  5. Condition as much as possible. Don’t forget to use the pre-treatment, like the one in Excellence Crème. It protect lengths and ends while you’re colouring.
  6. If you have stubborn greys that are hard to cover, make sure to start application on those areas and saturate the hair with colour well. Often people do not put enough product over hair, leading to uneven, uncovered greys.
  7. Finally, don’t be shy to ask someone to help you with the back. Having those extra set of hands can be very helpful, especially if you have a lot of hair.

If you have any questions about colour or application, don’t hesitate to call our Consumer Care Centre: 1-888-456-7325 where our hair colour experts would be happy to guide you!

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