How to Conceal Undereye Circles on Mature Skin

Tired of people telling you that you look exhausted? These top-rated tips and picks will help you fake a full night’s rest.

Dark circles don’t discriminate. The excess pigmentation that lives under our eyes effects all races and ages, but as we mature the circles tend to get worse. Dark circles are an excess of pigmentation in the skin, often due to dilated blood vessels that sit close to the skin. As we grow older, this delicate skin under our eyes ages the fastest because it’s about 10 times thinner than the rest of our skin.

Although undereye circles are totally normal and a good portion of the population is plagued by them, the hope (and struggle) of getting rid of them is real. Here’s everything you need to know about how to hide dark undereye circles and how to treat them.

What causes dark circles?

When those bothersome dark circles crop up under your eyes, are stress, staring at a computer screen for too long and lack of sleep the first things you blame? Sure, they could definitely make them more visible, but they’re not the only reasons the skin under your eyes appears purple and blue. Unfortunately, even if you’re doing all the right things, such as staying out of the sun or using the best eye cream for mature skin, you still might have them. The main reason comes down to something completely out of your control: your genes. In other words, your parents could be to blame for passing on chronic dark circles, although other factors such as allergies can make them appear darker because they trigger histamines in the body that cause blood vessels to dilate, which darkens them. Sun exposure is also a big culprit. UV damage shows up in the form of pigmentation (sun spots) and increased blood flow. So don’t skip sunscreen!

Treat your peepers

Sure, there are plenty of concealers that cover up dark circles, but few products can actually address the underlying issue. The skin around your eyes always needs a little extra TLC because it’s delicate—but with so many options in the category, it’s daunting to make a decision.

If you’re over 50, there are a few things that should be on your checklist when you’re buying the best eye cream for mature skin. First, it needs to be ultra-moisturizing. Second, it should be packed with active ingredients that fight all signs of aging. Finally, it needs to specifically treat dark circles. Enter L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Rosy Tone Eye Brightener. It fights dark circles with a two-pronged approach: The rich, whipped texture leaves a blurring effect that instantly helps correct the appearance of dark circles while plumping up fine lines. Thanks to its key ingredient, Imperial peony, it not only protects against environmental aggressors but also helps brighten up your peepers over time.

Massage bags away

If you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of eye bags at home, the best thing you can do is a daily massage. Puffiness is caused by a buildup of fluid around your eye area, so diminishing it comes down to (gently) pushing it out of there. Try manipulating your undereye area using your fingertips or a jade roller. Massage increases blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, working to diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and bags.

Massage first thing in the morning, after you’ve applied L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Rosy Tone Eye Brightener. Using your middle finger, lightly tap (never pull or tug) in a circular motion around your eyes. Do this for 30 seconds on each eye. If you have a jade roller, use the smaller end and move it upward along your eyebrows, then inward along the top of your cheekbones toward the bridge of your nose. The cool stone will help awaken and brighten skin.

How to conceal undereye circles for mature skin

Now that you’ve moisturized and treated your eye area, it’s time for makeup, and the right concealer can be your secret weapon. In fact, it’s one of the hardest-working makeup products, but it rarely gets any recognition. Why? You only notice concealer when it’s not doing its job.

As we age, our skin gets drier and we develop creases under our eyes. This means it’s important to find a concealer that won’t build up in fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also key to find one that’s not too heavy because your eye area sees a massive amount of movement, with the average person blinking a whopping 28,800 times a day. Cream or liquid formulas are your best bet; they’ll help hydrate dry skin and be a little more flexible. One of the best undereye concealers is L’Oréal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer. It’s a full-coverage creamy formula that erases any darkness and imperfections. It feels nourishing on the skin and promotes elasticity, resulting in smooth skin.

When applying undereye concealer, skip the brush, applicator and sponge; try using your fingertips instead. The warmth can help the makeup melt into the undereye area, giving you a flawless finish.

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