Halloween Superhero Makeup Tutorial: The Chromatic Wonder

If you’re looking for a powerful superhero-inspired makeup tutorial, look no further! This Halloween, we created a showstopping superhero makeup look packed with bold long-lasting colour that’s both eye-catching and easy to recreate. With the monochromatic makeup trend at an all-time high, we’ve combined a pink monochrome look with a chromatic bright-yellow twist for a pop of colour. Learn how to stand out from the crowd with our superhero-inspired makeup and hair tutorial.

Steps for Makeup

Step 1: Get the Chromatic Eye Look

The eyes and cheeks are the focal point of this look. To start, grab a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush and apply Colorqueen Oil Shadow in shade Ruler over the entire lid – go bold with instant colour pay-off! Be sure to extend the shadow past the ends of your brows for a dramatic superhero-esque winged effect. Use your ring finger and apply Infallible 24HR Mono Eyeshadow in shade Eternal Sunshine to the inner corners of the eye for a contrasting punch of colour. Use Infallible The Super Slim to apply a thin black liner along the upper lash line and create a subtle triangle shape at the outer corners of the eye for a subtle wing. Finish off the look with a set of full fringe lashes by using Lash Paradise Mascara for voluptuous volume & length.

Step 2: Eyeshadow for Perfectly Pink Cheeks

Don’t put down the eyeshadow just yet! Use the same Colour Queen Oil Shadow in shade Ruler as your blush for a monochromatic effect. Grab a dense blush brush and start applying the oil shadow from your temples and down across the cheekbones. Make sure to blend the pink shadow from your temples onto your eyelids for a seamless pink transition. For rich colour payoff, feel free to use your fingers.

Step 3: Signature Bold Lips

To complete the monochrome look, use Rouge Signature Liquid Lip in shade I Don’t for a bold, long-lasting matte lip. Use the precision tip applicator for precise lines that delivers the perfect amount of rich colour to the lips. This liquid lip’s formula is 2x thinner than lipstick for a comfortable bare-lip sensation all day!

Steps for Hair

Step 1: Haute Pink Hair

To elevate the superhero look, use Colorista 1-Day Spray in shade Hot Pink. This spray-on colour achieves fun and vibrant hair for the complete superhero look. Once it’s time to put away the superhero cape and return to normal life, this 1-Day Spray washes out with just one shampoo - no commitment necessary!

Step 2: Prep & Section

Start with clean, dry hair and brush through to remove any knots which will ensure an even and smooth application. Separate your hair into the strands you want to colour. For an even balayage-style highlight, separate your hair into small fine strands. For streaks, separate into bigger chunks.

Step 3: Ready, set, spray!

Shake the can well and spray onto the sections of hair from root to ends. For an ombré effect, concetrate more of the spray on the ends. Wait a few minutes for the hair to dry completely before styling.

Editor’s Tip

For serious makeup staying power, lock in your look with Infallible Pro Setting Spray to ensure your colours stay as vibrant throughout the day as when you first applied it. Finally, top off the look with a chunky gold necklace and cape for the ultimate wonderous chromatic superhero costume!

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