Hairstylist Essentials: Three Key Products Experts Can’T Live Without

If you’ve ever peeked inside a hairstylist’s kit, you know there’s a lot going on in there. From hairspray to oils to styling products to hot tools, stylists need to be prepared for whatever comes their way—that means having the tools to create magic with all hair textures, lengths, colours and cuts. And while any good hairstylist is constantly testing the latest product innovations to learn about what’s new in the world of haircare (i.e., what’s worth using and what isn’t), they all have staples—their holy grail items—that always have a place in their kit.

Some of these products pop up in the kits of hairstylists everywhere for years and years, becoming the cult favourites that we know and love. Known for their efficacy and versatility, the three products below have become essentials in the kits of stylists around the world. Here’s exactly how to use them at home.

The strengthening split-end-repairing cream

Let’s face it: Long hair can be a hassle to care for. From weight to split ends (which are basically inevitable), it’s certainly not as effortless as we go to great lengths (pun most definitely intended) to make it appear. And while we all know that regular trims and cuts are crucial for keeping hair healthy, sometimes we just want it to, well, grow already. And when growth is your end goal, heading to the salon for yet another trim can feel counterproductive. Enter L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream. The genius blend of castor and keratin oils adds shine to your locks, strengthening strands. It also seals split ends (hallelujah!), which reduces the risk of breakage—the very thing that makes hair appear like it’s not growing. (It always is, FYI.) Suitable to be used on both wet and dry hair, this holy grail cream will help keep your hair healthy between trims and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your growth process. It’s no wonder hairstylists love it.

The iconic hairspray

What can be said about L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray that hasn’t been said before? The instantly recognizable gold bottle is arguably (although we’re not sure who would argue against it) the most famous hairspray on the planet. Launched in 1960 in Europe, the hairspray didn’t actually land in North America until just over a decade ago. (Until then, hairstylists would smuggle it back from Europe.) Why is it so beloved? L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray’s claim to fame is its combination of ultra-fine mist (that never leaves hair feeling wet, shellacked, sticky or, you know, helmet-y), strong hold and actual shine (no dull, knotted strands to be found here). Simply hold the can about a foot away from your head, spray and then gently brush through your hair to add shine and hold to curls, waves, updos and more. If you know, you know.

The luxe oil

Hair oils have been used for centuries, thanks to their strengthening and shine-infusing benefits, but in history, they were found in their pure forms. (Think 100% essential oils used in ancient Egypt and China.) These days, hairstylists reach for hair-oil blends that strike a perfect balance between all of the things they want to achieve with each client’s unique hair needs. Looking for shine without that greasy finish or weighed-down feel? There’s a hair oil for that. And for many stylists, that hair oil is L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Penetrating Oil. The luxe oil is made with a combination of oils, including coconut and sunflower-seed oils, plus gorgeous floral extracts for an irresistible blend that absorbs into hair and leaves your strands looking shiny and feeling strong. Its weightless finish makes it suitable for even fine hair types. Simply pump the oil into your hands and work through your hair, concentrating on the ends, which tend to get drier. It can be used before styling to control your strands or after styling to add a finishing shine you’ll love.

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