Get Rid of Those Tan Lines

Here’s how you can avoid those unsightly tan lines when applying self-tanner.

A day in the sun in a cute strappy tank or a T-shirt might be fun, but the weird tan lines or—even worse—the dreaded farmer’s tan it leaves? Not so great. It happens to the best of us despite using sunscreen and staying in the shade. Now, you need to know how to get rid of tan lines, and quick! Especially if you have an event coming up where you’ll be wearing a strapless or backless outfit. Even if you’d just like to avoid looking striped for the next little bit, the good news is that you can definitely fix an uneven, unsightly tan. And you can do it in the comfort of your own bathroom with the right technique and self-tanner product.

  1. Assess the damage and prep your skin.

Make sure you take inventory of where your tan is most uneven. Is it your shoulders? Your legs? Your back? Chances are your tan lines are concentrated in a specific area or most noticeable in one spot. Making sure you know exactly where you want to focus is key before you even start. Then, prep your skin for self-tanner. This includes exfoliating, which will get rid of any dead or flaky skin and leave you with a smooth canvas ready to absorb your self-tanner. Exfoliating will not only make sure that the tanner is deposited directly on your skin (and not on any flaky bits that will slough off with the pigment) but it’s also the number one step to ensuring that your tan is even and long-lasting.

  1. Fill in the lighter areas.

Grab L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes and begin to fill in the lighter, non-tanned areas. The benefit of using a wipe is that you have a lot of control and can focus the tanner on the spots that are most zebra-esque. With other formulas, you might have a hard time being specific with your application, but with wipes you can use your hands to ensure a targeted approach. Plus, L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes already come with the perfect amount of lotion, so you don’t have to worry about over- or under-applying. Make sure to use a light hand and avoid overlapping on the more tanned spots because this will result in an even darker shade. Instead, blend softly outward toward any demarcation lines.

  1. Wait.

You’ll need to wait between two and four hours to see how the tan develops. The good news is that your skin will be soft and healthy thanks to a dose of vitamin E in the towelettes, and you should notice streak-free results beginning to appear. If the shade that develops is close to the shade you tanned, you can move on to the next step. Otherwise, you might want to repeat step 2 again until you get the right shade. The key is to take your time to ensure that the tan fully develops and that it’s a close match with the rest of your skin.

  1. Reapply.

Now, you’ll want to use another round of L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes to cover the entire area, and for this you’ll follow the regular process of how to apply self-tanner. Hopefully your tan has developed, you’ve filled in the spots and streaks and things are looking pretty even. But this next step will really ensure that things stay even as well as get rid of any other spots that could use a little more attention. Use only a little pressure for this final application. It will ensure that your faux tan is uniform, glowy and streak-free—without any light spots or stripes in sight.

  1. Show it off.

Now that you’re stripe-free, you can show off that glowing, bronzed skin in a backless top or strappy dress, all thanks to the best self-tanner and the best application tips. The easy application process and convenient packaging make these towelettes the best self-tanner option for travel.

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