Four Ways to Get Glowing Skin

You can now bespoke your glow with custom drops to create as natural or as dewy a look as you want.

To be honest, there’s rarely a time or place that a glow-up isn’t warranted. Do you need one at work? Yes. While catching up with friends? YAS! But the gentle sheen you create to lead a Monday meeting is likely to get turned up, way up, for a lively Saturday night. And in order to rock radiance that’s suitable for each outing, having a liquid highlighter like L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glow Amour in your beauty roster will prove surprisingly versatile. It comes in two universally flattering shades that can be used in multiple ways. Choose Daybreak if you love a gentle pearly illumination or Golden Hour if you want to add a soft warmth. To create a bespoke glow, you can add a drop of highlighter to your everyday makeup and skincare products or use it straight-up, strategically applying it to your face. From a natural-looking dewy effect to maximum illumination—and everything in between—here are four ways you can get glowing skin.

  1. Add it to your foundation.

If you’re on a quest to find that truly flawless complexion—uh, aren’t we all?—foundation may lead the way, but highlighter will take you past the finish line. Like dark chocolate and sea salt, these two beauty products simply get better together. That’s because the backstory on how to get glowing skin is equal parts uniform skin tone and dewy finish. To start, prep skin with L’Oreal Paris Infallible Glow Lock Primer to create a smooth texture and enhance a long-lasting finish. Use the pads of your fingers to massage a small amount all over your face. Next, apply a pump or two of liquid foundation to the back of your hand, add a drop of liquid highlighter and mix them together. You can customize your glow depending on the level of radiance you want, whether that’s adding a slight satin finish to a matte foundation formula or maximizing the effects of an illumination foundation. Use a foundation brush or damp beauty sponge to blend the mixture over your face, making sure to buff along the hairline and jawline to ensure a seamless result.

  1. Add it to your face cream.

Want to achieve the hyper-real look of glasslike skin in a flash? Just give your favourite face cream a boost by introducing it to liquid highlighter. Delivering a subtle sheen that acts like special F/X for your face, a drop of highlighter can be blended into any daily essential, from oil-free face gel to rich skin-plumping cream. Use your fingers or a synthetic-bristle brush to apply the mixture, blending it in gently but thoroughly for a second-skin finish. For next-level results, commit to using a serum prior to your face cream. Loaded with high levels of actives (think vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), a serum will help prevent and minimize environmental damage by reaching deeper levels of the skin, while face cream will protect the outer surface. Using both together, morning and night, plays a role in getting clear, glowing skin.

  1. Add it to your body lotion.

You deserve glowing skin from head to toe! Blending a drop of L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glow Amour into body lotion or body oil can make it happen. Tailor your application to work with your outfit of the day, or night. Massage the brightening blend over shins and thighs to accessorize a swishy skirt or shorts romper, add radiance to your collarbone and décolleté to highlight a plunging neckline, and don’t forget the tops of your shoulders and arms if you’re wearing something strapless or something that has delicate straps or an asymmetrical neckline.

  1. Add it to your features.

For a sculpted glow, it pays to apply liquid highlighter directly where it’s needed: to strategic parts of your face. Here’s a go-to trick that pros and celebs use that works effortlessly with minimal makeup and beyond: Emphasize the features that catch light naturally. Focus on the tops of your cheekbones and along your browbones, the bridge of your nose and your lower chin. Depending on your comfort level and expertise, you can use either the pads of your fingers to tap a drop of highlighter across these areas or a buffing brush with synthetic bristles to diffuse the product. Start with a small amount of highlighter, building up the intensity as needed, and prioritize blending no matter what you use to apply it.

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