Colour Riche Colour Riche Press-On-Nails Classic Rose Quartz

Press-On Manicure That Looks And Feels Like Real Nails. No Glue Application.

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Complex and sophisticated nail art becomes easy with L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche press-on manicure. 3 steps: place, press, and show off!
1) Clean and wash hands thoroughly. 2) Select correct size of press-on nail for each finger, file the excess as needed. 3) Apply the adhesive sticker by selecting one that slightly smaller than your natural nail. Peel off backing. 4) Apply press-on nails, then press down the middle and down each side firmly. 5) For optimal wear, repress a few times and avoid contact with water for the first hour. To remove: Apply drops of nail polish remover on nail edges and gently slide off.