How to Make Matte Lipstick Work for You

One of the season’s hottest trends can bring a glam to your makeup. Here’s how to wear matte nude lipstick.

Matte nude lipstick is one of those trends that appears to be more difficult to wear than it really is. Of course, it’s just swiping on lipstick—how hard can that be? Well, it’s not about the application; it’s about the tone of lipstick and the makeup you pair it with. Once you figure out what works best with your skin tone, a beautiful matte lipstick can lend sophistication and glamour to your whole makeup look.

If you want a natural-looking lipstick, look no further than the brand-new category of matte nudes. Gone are the days of drying, boring beige hues—the new offerings are rich, creamy and long lasting, and they’re available in a range of undertones.

Here are some of the best matte lipsticks right now:

If you have warm undertones (such as olive and golden):

If you have cool undertones (think pink and blue):

How to match natural-looking lipstick shades with the rest of your makeup:

Being a neutral itself, matte lipstick pairs with just about any makeup look. So for starters, that makes it really easy. However, there are some ultra-modern ways to make your nude lipstick really stand out.

  1. Bronze ambition. A little bronzer can go a long way toward making your skin look less sallow while creating the slightest bit of contrast against your matte lipstick.
  2. Liner notes. Winged or cat eyeliner paired with nude lips screams Hollywood glam while still being refined enough for every day.
  3. All that glitters. Pair glittery or smoky eyeshadow with a natural-looking lipstick shade for the perfect balance.

And your hair? A simple, modern hairstyle that pairs nicely with matte lipstick is gentle, brushed-out waves.

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