Your Guide to a Great Moustache

This must-read article outlines how to get your mustache looking its best for Movember

Over the decades in Hollywood, so many notable men and characters have sported handsome moustaches. And with the popularity of Movember, the look is one that re-emerges for some men annually. If you’ve ever tried to rock a moustache, you are well aware that it doesn’t mean just not shaving your facial hair. In fact, you’re not freeing up time but instead have to invest more effort into your gr ooming routine. For a great-looking moustache that’s groomed and healthy looking—no matter what style you choose—it takes a little practice, but with this know-how served up here and some key products, you can get the job done right.

Wash your moustache. You shampoo the hair on your head regularly, and the same guidelines go for your ’stache; oil and other grime can build up in the hair here, not to mention food particles. (This is not where you want to store leftovers.) When you’re cleansing your face, be sure to work the product into your facial hair area and rinse well. The good news is that there are products that will handle all of your cleansing needs, such as L’Oréal Paris BarberClub 3-in-1 Beard, Face and Hair Wash.

Scrub your ’stache. You might notice that your skin is dry underneath your moustache (and possibly even flaky) or experience some pesky ingrown hairs. The best way to manage this is to use deep cleanser once a week to scrub away dead skin cells, which will help prevent ingrown hairs from developing. Try L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Charcoal Cleanser to get your face up to snuff.

Shave and trim your moustache to keep it tidy. Whether you choose a moustache style on your own or have a barber help you establish it, tending to it regularly will ensure that you always look groomed and polished rather than like a caveman. To start, you wouldn’t use a lawn mower to handle the detail work in your backyard, would you? This is why you need to invest in a beard trimmer; it provides more precision than using your hair clipper. For any strays hairs, you can use manicure scissors. Tip: Use a transparent shaving cream or gel such as L’Oréal Paris BarberClub Shaving Cream rather than a foaming one so that you can more easily see the area you are shaving. Bonus: A shaving cream will help reduce irritation and razor bumps from forming. Finish the task by applying an aftershave such as L’Oréal Paris BarberClub Repairing Aftershave, which will help soothe your skin.

Keep it well conditioned. You maybe get lazy and skip conditioner on the hair on your scalp every so often, but you will need to be more diligent about keeping your moustache well hydrated and conditioned. The skin under your moustache can often get dry and flaky (yes, moustache dandruff). Slapping on your daily moisturizer often won’t do the trick since the product typically can’t get through the hair to reach your skin. Get the right tool for the job: a moustache hydrator or non-greasy beard oil such as L’Oréal Paris L’Oréal Paris BarberClub Face & Beard Oil, which is enriched with cedarwood essential oil. These are designed specifically for this job and will absorb into your skin under your moustache like you need it to.

Comb it. Your days of leaving the house with bedhead are long behind you, and the same goes for your ’stache. Add a quick brushing of your moustache to your morning routine. This step will not only get rid of any skin particles and debris but also get those hairs into place, making you look more together.

Wax it to style into place. If your moustache style is more involved, or if it calls for more length to your facial hair, a moustache wax is essential. A product such as L’Oréal Paris L’Oréal Paris BarberClub Beard & Hair Styling Cream will help keep your hair in place and tidy rather than unruly so it looks styled and defined. You’d be surprised at how even short moustache hair needs to be coaxed into staying in place.

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