Aditi Sivakumar



After witnessing first-hand the devastating impacts that gender-based violence can have, Aditi Sivakumar made it her mission to provide educational information and aid to women and girls facing violence in Canada and beyond through My Empowerment Platform.

Fact: Calls to Canadian domestic violence helplines have risen during the pandemic and sixty-seven percent of Canadians say they personally know at least one woman who has experienced physical or sexual abuse. Aditi knows that these horrific statistics are a reality for countless women and children across the country which pushed her to build My Empowerment Platform. Some of Aditi’s initiatives with her organization include My Empowerment Packs, which are wellness kits and resource booklets for women facing violence and youth facing homelessness. She also created Everyday Essential Express, a national contactless free delivery service that provides basic necessities like groceries and hygiene products to domestic violence shelters. In addition, she started Survive and Soar, a website that provides local resources, such as pregnancy support and legal support, to women and youth facing homelessness and violence.

When COVID-19 hit and the country was plunged into quarantine, Aditi realized that these restrictions would swiftly impact women living in situations of domestic violence. She immediately stepped up and created My Empowerment Platform to provide pandemic-specific resources and tools, such as online and text-only crisis lines, to help those living in fear of domestic violence during these exceedingly difficult times.

Through her initiatives, Aditi has provided over $20,000 worth of items to domestic violence and youth shelters all across Canada and over $4,000 worth of My Empowerment Packs to women and children in need, and her web applications are being used by thousands across the country.

Currently studying medicine at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Aditi is a remarkable young woman who has many accolades under her belt, including being the only Canadian winner of the Princess Diana Legacy Award in 2019.


Founded in 2018, My Empowerment Platform is an all-encompassing website that offers a wide range of tools and information on gender-based violence, including, but not limited to, legal, medical and safety-planning resources for at-risk women and children. It works as a vast digital portal, providing an extensive list of free resources on gender-based violence and more.

My Empowerment Platform expanded its reach when COVID-19 hit by providing local pandemic-related resources and shelter support for women, and the non-profit is working with organizations across Canada and internationally to continue its expansion.