A Celebrity Hairstylist On What You Should Stop Doing To Your Hair

When you’re sitting in your hairdresser’s chair, whether it’s a regular six-week appointment for a little trim or you hit the salon once or twice a year for one of those major haircuts, chatter often goes from life events to the look that you want to achieve—Instagram inspiration pics included. And while you ask for advice on what to do to get the best results for your hair, you and your stylist don’t really discuss what not to do—which could be a treasure trove of healthy-hair tips and even lead to your best hair yet.

Celebrity hairstylist and L’Oréal Paris Canada Hair Artist & Expert Brennen Demelo breaks down three major haircare tips for what to avoid when you’re looking to get happy, healthy hair.

Bad habits to break now

We all know that heat styling can damage our strands, but what is one culprit that Demelo thinks women need to pay more attention to? “Wearing too many hair extensions,” he says. “I am all about a little boost, but sometimes they are not custom or cut properly. It saddens me because hair extensions can still look beautiful, but they could use a better fit.” So take note, full-hair fans: If you’re going to purchase extensions, make sure you invest in a version that doesn’t cause undue damage to your locks. Here’s where seeing a pro hairstylist will truly pay off.

Overnight care

Demelo also recommends that you don’t sleep with clip-in extensions in your hair or any other hair accessory that will cause too much pulling and yanking. Instead, he suggests, give your hair “a good brushing at night to stimulate the scalp and release any tension in the hair.” And for those who must have their hair away from their face while they snooze, he recommends “tying your hair up loosely on the crown of your head or draping it over the pillow behind you. Remember: A good nighttime hair regimen could save you time in the morning.” Grab that loose scrunchie or purchase a silk pillowcase to help your hair look its best come morning.

Au naturel

Another thing that irks Demelo is when we don’t embrace our natural texture. “Natural texture can be kinky, wavy or straight-up frizzy regardless of the texture, own it with a great haircut and the right products,” he encourages. “Don’t be shy to let it live. You can always touch up the texture with a hot iron or haircare products like L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray but less is more for raw texture.”

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