Quick fixes for Summer Hair

Oily roots? Dryness? Frizzy hair? They happen to the best of us. But these easy summer hair cures mean you’ll never have another bad hair day again.

Don’t let frizzy hair, oily roots or split ends cramp your style. Whether you’re wondering how to tame frizzy hair or need a good shampoo for oily hair, these quick fixes will save your hair (and your summer photos).

Hair Concern 1: Greasy hair and excess oil

If you’re plagued by greasy hair in the summer, you’re not alone. Many women find that their hair becomes oily and limp when the weather is hot because sweat, humidity and excess sebum weigh it down.

Fix 1: How to get rid of greasy hair

You may think that the only cure for oily hair is a thorough wash—but washing hair too often can actually strip the scalp and hair ends of moisture and generate even more oil production. If you’re shampooing every day, try to stretch it to every second day. And if you wash every second day, try to hold out until day three. Use a shampoo for oily hair when you do wash and apply a conditioner only on your mid-lengths and hair ends. For those greasy moments in between, apply dry shampoo to your roots to absorb excess oil. Also, be sure to brush your hair to prevent oils from building up on your scalp.

The best shampoo for oily hair

L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay hair care line is your new secret weapon. Before shampooing, absorb impurities and clarify the oily scalp with L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask made with 30 percent mineral clay.

Then, use our best shampoo for greasy hair: Extraordinary Clay Shampoo. It will rebalance your scalp and expertly hydrate your hair ends for soft hair that’s clean and bouncy for up to 72 hours. Finish it off with the line’s lightweight conditioner for oily hair.

Hair Concern 2: Frizzy hair

Major frizz is actually a sign that your hair is dry and damaged. The cuticle, which is made of overlapping scales that strengthen and protect the hair, has started to lift, and moisture can now enter the hair shaft from the humid summer air and cause swelling. The result is frizzy hair.

Fix 2: How to get rid of frizzy hair

Be gentle! Instead of washing hair with scalding-hot water, try lukewarm—it won’t strip the oil from your hair. When you exit the shower, pat—don’t rub—your hair dry with a soft towel. Comb your hair while it’s wet and apply a bit of anti-frizz hair cream to hydrate and tame frizz-prone strands. If you can, let your hair air-dry, or dry it with a diffuser on a low-heat setting. The less time you spend with hot tools, the better chance you’ll have of avoiding frizzy hair.

The best shampoo for frizzy hair

You will need hair care products from L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Smooth Intense. They’re specially formulated to combat humidity and harsh climates by smoothing frizzy hair and fly-aways without making your ’do look flat or stiff. For best results, start with the shampoo, then apply the conditioner from mid-lengths to ends and finish off with L’Oréal Paris Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum leave-in treatment.

Hair Concern 3: Brittle, dry hair

The weather is gorgeous, so you’re spending every minute of your spare time in the sun and swimming at the pool. When your hair feels dirty fast, you wash and style it with an arsenal of hot tools for that perfect patio ’do. Is it any wonder that your mane is stressed? Sun exposure, chlorine, overwashing and hot tools can all damage the hair cuticle, thereby compromising your hair’s ability to hold moisture. Enter rough, parched locks.

Fix 3: How to get rid of dry hair

Protect your mane from self-inflicted damage by wearing a hat in the sun, coating your hair with hair oil or conditioner before going for a swim, cutting down on your total weekly washes and rocking a low-maintenance beach wave. (Read: Skip the curling iron, girl.) Finally, shampoo, condition and mask with products that contain hair-saving oils such as argan oil and coconut oil like L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil 1001 Uses Mask.

The best shampoo for dry hair

Try L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil hair care line, which aims to nourish dry manes that are rough and unruly. The L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Conditionercontains six precious oils (including argan oil, coconut oil, chamomile and amla!) that fill the hair fiber with nutrition and transform each strand without weighing it down.

Apply the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil 1001 Uses Mask for a deep-conditioning treatment and easy detangling, and then soften your hair before or after styling with Extraordinary Penetrating Oil.

Now throw on that new summer dress and feel confident knowing your hair looks as good as the rest of you!

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