5 ways to use Extraordinary Oils

Coconut oil is a buzzy ingredient in the beauty biz, and there are tons of ways to add it to your hair care routine. Learn about the different ways you can use L'Oréal Paris's new hair mask with coconut oil here.

Coconut oil has taken over the beauty biz: The natural ingredient is popping up in everything from skin care and makeup to body and hair care. While there are plenty of reasons why you’d want to add the hydrating ingredient to your beauty routine, coconut oil uses for hair in particular have gained popularity as the list of pros for using it is lengthy. If you’re wondering if coconut oil is good for your hair, the answer is a resounding yes. A coconut oil hair mask can add shine and moisture to your hair while nourishing the scalp with vitamins, fatty acids and proteins. While there’s no wrong way of using coconut oil for hair, figuring out the most effective ways to incorporate it into your hair care regimen to reap its benefits can be a bit confusing. L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil 1001 Uses Mask is a luxe hair treatment that contains extra-fine coconut oil that melts into your mane without weighing it down. Read on to learn six different ways to use the moisture-boosting hair mask and how you can make the most out of coconut oil.

1. Use the coconut oil hair mask as a pre-shampoo treatment

If you really want to benefit from all the goodness that coconut oil has to offer, using this hair mask as a pre-shampoo treatment is a great option. When the mask is applied to dry hair, there’s no barrier (like water) sitting on the hair, so the coconut oil easily penetrates and delivers the nutrients into the hair shaft. Using this hair mask as a pre-shampoo treatment also helps reduce the amount of water your hair absorbs while you’re in the shower, which means that more of the mask—and its hydrating properties—is left on your locks.

2. Use the coconut oil hair mask in the shower

Lathering up with coconut oil in the shower is the most common way of using the hydrating ingredient as it’s fuss-free and requires little time. If you’re looking to boost moisture levels in your hair, swap out your regular conditioner during your next lather, rinse, repeat session for this ultra-nourishing coconut oil hair mask. Simply leave it on for a few minutes after shampooing for a deep-conditioning treatment. Not only will your strands thank you but if you massage the hair mask into your scalp, there are even more benefits: Coconut oil for dry scalp helps to soothe skin and to maintain the health of your scalp.

3. Use the coconut oil hair mask as a leave-in conditioner

While coconut oil can be used in the shower, it can also be applied post-shower as a leave-in conditioner. After towel-drying your hair, comb the mask into damp hair, from mid-shaft to ends, to hydrate and deliver much-needed nutrients. While it helps boost shine, this hair mask is weightless and won’t leave a greasy residue behind or weigh hair down, making it the perfect substitute for any gloss-boosting styling product.

4. Use the coconut oil hair mask as a sleeping mask

Coconut oil works wonders as a deep-conditioning sleep mask for your hair. If you’ve recently coloured your hair and it needs a little TLC, or if you have dehydrated or dry hair apply a coat of this coconut oil hair mask before bed and then wrap it up; this will help to repair stressed strands. This is also a popular hair treatment for naturally curly hair to help boost natural oils and nourish parched strands. Before hitting your pillow at night, divide your hair into sections and apply the coconut hair mask onto every part of your hair, from scalp to ends. Wrap your hair in a scarf or an old T-shirt and sleep on it, rinse it out in the shower in the morning.

5. Use the coconut oil hair mask for midday touch-ups

One of the most surprising ways to use this coconut oil mask is as an on-the-go hair styling product. If you find that fly-aways or frizzy hair tend to pop up on your mane midday—especially if the humidex rises—reach for this smoothing treatment to tame rogue strands. It works as a spot treatment to slick down frizzy hair without leaving an oily or sticky finish. Massaging the hair mask through the ends of your hair is yet another way for a quick moisture boost for colour-treated or dry hair.

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