Hair Color

Get salon-like hair color results – and spend less

At the moment, for many, spiraling prices mean making choices. At L’Oréal Paris, we want to make hair color accessible for all and give you amazing results without all the expense that comes with a trip to the salon. To keep your hair looking its best on a tighter budget, we’ve come up with some hair color tips to inspire you. By spacing out (or eliminating) often expensive hairdresser appointments and opting for a DIY approach, you can achieve salon-like results at home without stretching your budget - whether you’re looking for a sleek glossy texture, rich uniform color or a subtle ombre effect.

Cover your roots with Magic Root Cover Up

Spacing out hairdresser appointments is the great way to keep a hold on your hair color budget. However, if you color your hair, new roots or grey regrowth will quickly begin to appear. So, instead of heading straight to the salon, try using a root concealer like Magic Root Cover Up to cover grey or darker regrowth. Available in different shades and formats, Magic root Cover Up concealers match and blend with leading shades and are compatible with salon color – perfect for a budget-friendly top-up. Simply pick the one that suits you and your routine.

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For instant, easy touch-ups on the go, our spray format is ultra-practical with rich color pigments that last until the next shampoo. Alternatively, you could opt for a precision brush that targets even the most stubborn scattered grey hair. For a longer lasting solution, our permanent root concealers offer up to 4 weeks of color with both a brush and precision applicator included.
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Get salon-style hair color at home with Préférence

To further reduce your hair color budget, why not color your hair at home? With luminous fade-defying color from Superior Préférence, you can achieve salon-quality color from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re looking to cover grey or keen to try a completely new shade, this range has got your hair covered. A unique gel technology with light-reflecting dyes provides luminous color full of reflects – and with blonde shades, you also get an anti-brassiness purple mask that neutralizes yellow undertones.

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If you’re looking for something a bit different, Feria offer bold, high-intensity color for up to 8 weeks, while Preference Balayage provides you with a home balayage kit to brighten your lengths for a dip-dye effect.

Not sure which shade to choose? Test out different colors with Virtual Hair Color Try-On.
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Make your hair color last longer with Hair Expertise

Choosing nourishing haircare products designed for colored hair will help make your color last longer and look shinier – to push back your next salon visit that bit further and fully capitalize on your budget-friendly home haircare routine. Enriched with Linseed Oil and UVA/UVB filters, Hair Expertise Color Protect combines concentrated nourishment with lasting protection to lock in color intensity. To target specific needs, we’ve developed a selection of formats and products, from our non-foaming, ultra-gentle low shampoo to an intense, highly pigmented mask to prevent brassiness.
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Find Your Hair Color Shade

Not sure where to start? Use Virtual Hair Color Try-On to experiment with the latest hair colors and makeup trends. Wear multiple products at once to see the effect on your face and hair.


Get Your Hair Color Diagnosis

Get personalized product recommendations with L’Oréal Paris diagnosis

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