The Best Root Touch-Up Products and Techniques for All Hair Types

You may have felt a few different emotions when you discovered your first few greys. Maybe you were accepting, or maybe you had a moment of panic. Real talk: Roots happen—and so do grey hairs. Aging is a privilege and greying hair is beautiful, and while plenty of women choose to embrace their silver strands, there are many others who want to keep them at bay for as long as possible. If you fall into this camp, we’ve got some good news: There’s help!

If a busy schedule has made your standing salon appointment a nearly impossible feat, try reaching for a new wave of root concealers that are decidedly user-friendly and cover without damaging your existing colour. Powders, temporary dyes and sprays make faking a fresh, glossy hair shade almost effortless. So, if your root-to-hair-colour ratio is getting a little out of hand, keep reading and try one of these innovative products. They might just be your saving grace.

Spray and go

For those of us who colour our hair, root concealers are the best thing that’s ever happened to our hair since leave-in-conditioners. Meet your new secret weapon: Magic L’Oréal Paris Root Cover Up. The handy spray seamlessly covers roots in mere seconds without leaving behind any stickiness or residue. Available in six colours, this quick-drying spray is highly pigmented, so you can hide greys in one shot. The pointed nozzle offers a precise application, and the sweatproof formula lasts until your next shampoo and is safe to use on all hair types. Another bonus? The spray makes applying colour to large areas with even coverage quick and easy.

Do the dab

Powders can leave a chalky finish, not to mention wind up everywhere, but this quick-dry formula is different. Some might even call it a game-changer. Available in three adaptable hues, L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Precision pens are like makeup for your hair. A bit like a hair mascara, its brush features mini bristles and a soft, flat surface designed to pinpoint even the hardest-to-reach grey strands. It makes it easy to hit large or small sections, plus the bristles are densely packed so the temporary dye won’t migrate to your forehead. On dry hair, lightly dab the brush onto regrowth using swift strokes. It’s recommended that you comb the product through and either blow-dry it or let it air-dry for five minutes. Give it a final comb out and you’re ready to go. Stash this colour stick in your bag to tame stray greys you notice when you’re on the go.

Colour booster

Too busy for the salon? No problem. Extend the life of your professional dye job at home with this permanent low-ammonia hair-colour kit. L’Oréal Paris Magic Roots Rescue is available in eight colours, contains everything you need and takes less than 30 minutes to apply.

Classic coverage

The obvious fix for unsightly roots is to get them coloured, but if you can’t make it to your colourist’s chair and want a quick—yet permanent—fix, there’s only one answer: dye. Sure, root sprays can tide you over for a bit, but for long-term coverage, break out the at-home colour kit. The gold standard for covering greys is L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème. This rich, glossy and pigmented hair colour delivers healthy-looking hair every time.

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