Global Makeup Director Val Garland Breaks Down Each Look As Seen On Cindy Bruna For Fashion Magazine

She spills on everything from her inspiration for the makeup looks she created for the virtual beauty shoot to working with Cindy and more.
In light of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic that’s happening all over the world, a lot of things have changed—to say the least—and that includes in the fashion and beauty industries as well. With safety as the number one priority, L’Oréal Paris recently collaborated with FASHION to create a virtual beauty shoot with model Cindy Bruna, the brand’s newest spokesperson, as the star. The French stunner was shot virtually in Paris this summer, and four makeup looks were designed and created by L’Oréal Paris global makeup director Val Garland exclusively for the big event. Once Garland completed the looks for the shoot with Bruna, they were then digitally applied to images of the model’s face in post-production.

Garland created all four beauty looks with Bruna in mind, and each one is a unique and modern update on a classic makeup style. Each look is equally stunning and showcases what we already know and expect from an iconic makeup legend like Garland.

In celebration of the release of the shoot, we have created four tutorials that break down each look into steps, including all the products used and tips from Garland herself, so you can recreate them at home. We’re also launching the exciting ModiFace technology, which allows you to virtually “try on” each of the four beauty looks worn by Bruna in the photo shoot. Yes, you read that right! Just a few clicks and you can see how each makeup style looks on you.

Want more insider takeaways from the photo shoot with Bruna and Garland? We chatted up the makeup guru and asked her to share her insights on everything from working with Bruna to her inspiration for each of the four beauty looks she created. Read on!

On the inspiration for the four makeup looks

“I was inspired about what I felt would suit Cindy and how she would carry it off, working in line with the fashion as well. The four that I put together—I think Cindy can wear those looks very well.”

On working with model Cindy Bruna

“I know Cindy very well. I’ve worked with [her] on many shoots and on many catwalk shows, and I know what she can carry off. For me, with Cindy, it has to be about the beauty. It has to be about incredible skin.”

On the “Red, She Said” look

“[This is] the look that will take you anywhere. It’s beautiful, gorgeous skin. The moment you put on a signature flash of red, it immediately gives you confidence; it can take you anywhere.”

On the “Graphic Liner” look

“This [is] having fun with liner. We’ve all seen a cat-eye liner, a feline flick, but I think [this look] takes liner to a much more innovative, modern level.”

On the “Pretty in Pastels” look

“It’s very [romantic] and pretty. I wanted to work with pinks and lilac and bring the eye makeup into the cheek area as well. Then the mascara just pulps it and makes it look very summery and fresh. It’s all about a wash of colour. It’s not too in your face, but I think it looks really pretty.”

On the “Green Gaze” look

“I wanted to create a smoky eye, but a little bit fiercer, and to get away from the black or the black-brown [look]. By doing it in this shape, you are accentuating that almond-eye effect, pulling the colour to the outer corner toward the temple.”

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