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Revolutionize your beauty regime with L'Oréal Paris foundation. Formulas and shades to suit every skin type - view the full foundation range here.

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Foundation Makeup

Finding the best foundation match for your skin among countless combinations of foundation texture, shade, finish and coverage can be intimidating at first, but it becomes almost painstakingly obvious once the basics are learned.

Finding the perfect shade is often the most difficult step, as you may need to test foundation makeup on the back of your hand under different lighting before you can be totally sure. Determining the best foundation for oily skin or best foundation for dry skin depends on foundation texture. Oil-free, liquid to powder and matte powder foundations work with oily and combination skin to create a flawless finish, while dewy liquid foundations will offer coverage that will continue to hydrate skin along with your moisturizer.

Go with a sheer coverage foundation for natural everyday looks and get flawless night out looks with full coverage foundation. Whatever makeup look you want to achieve, L’Oréal Paris provides the best full coverage foundations, medium coverage foundations and sheer foundations.

Experiment with your makeup looks and your hair with L’Oréal Paris semi-permanent hair colour.



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