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Revolutionize your beauty regime with L'Oréal Paris BB and CC creams. Beauty balms for a nourished, healthy and luminous complexion.

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What is BB cream?

BB Cream, or Beauty Balm Cream, is a lightweight hybrid makeup product- perfect for people on the go. As opposed to a tinted moisturizer, which is mostly a hydrator with a tint of pigmentation, BB Cream is a mix of moisturizer, sun block and foundation all in one. This 3-in-one product is used to moisturize and protect the skin all while having the properties of a light base of foundation. BB creams are great for covering blemishes and evening skin tone. While they will not necessarily give full coverage and completely flawless skin as a separate foundation, BB Creams cut down a few steps in your makeup routine and are perfect for everyday casual and breathable makeup looks. L’Oréal Paris offers the Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in 4 shades from fair to dark, as well as 2 CC Creams which will colour correct your skin tone as well.

How to apply BB cream?

The great thing about BB Cream is that it eliminates steps in your makeup and skincare routine, so that getting ready is quicker and more efficient. You will be getting your moisturizer, sunblock and foundation base in one step.
Step 1. After cleansing your skin, simply dab a small amount of BB Cream onto your face. You may use your fingers as you would for a moisturizer, or go in with a flat foundation or buffing kabuki brush.
Step 2. Blend product into the skin using upwards circular motions until the product is evenly dispersed and melted into your skin, making sure all streakiness is gone. In just a few seconds you are ready to go out, or you may choose to complete your look with some eye makeup, blush and lips.



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