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Transform your beauty regime with L'Oréal Paris eye liner. Liquid & gel eye liners for precision, and khôl pencils for a smouldering rock chick look.

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How to do winged eyeliner?

Achieving perfect winged eyeliner can be simple with just a few easy tricks:

Step 1. Start by applying a thin line of pencil liquid liner as close as possible to your lash line. Try keeping your eyelid as flat as possible, pushing up on the skin to keep lid taught.

Step 2. Apply the eyeliner in continuous small dashes, connecting them to form a line. Then, consider your eye shape to determine how far and how thick you want your wing to go. In general, it should follow the line of your lower eyelid. Draw the wing pointing towards the tip of your eyebrow in 45° angle.

Step 3. Connect the V shape to the eyeliner around your lash line and fill in the gaps. You can use an eyeliner pencil, or kohl for a smudgy, smoky look. However, if you want a defined and sharp wing, use your best drugstore liquid eyeliner. L’Oréal Paris’ Telescopic Precision Liquid Eyeliner is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner to achieve a defined cat eye.

How to apply bottom eyeliner?

To line the bottom eyelid, you can use either a pencil eyeliner or your best drugstore liquid liner for different results.

1. For that smudgy, smokey lower lid eyeliner look:
Step 1. Use a pencil such as L’Oréal Paris’ Infallible Original Eyeliner and draw a fine like close your bottom lash line. Be careful to not accentuate dark circles around eyes.
Step 2. Use a brush or (cotton tip) to smudge it out a little bit. Try to only go about 3/4 until the inner corner of your eye, as this will keep them looking big and bright.  

2. For a more defined lower lid eyeliner look:
Step 1. Use L’Oréal Paris’ best drugstore liquid eyeliner, the waterproof Telescopic Precision liquid liner, to tightline the lower lash line. This is a subtle and simple way to darken up your lower lashes and make your eyes pop.



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