Why You Need to Incorporate Vitamin C into Your Skincare Routine

Vitamin C has become a staple in skincare routines for every age. Here’s why you should add the powerhouse ingredient to yours.

These days, it’s nearly impossible to read an article or engage in a conversation about skincare—either with your derm or, more casually, with your friends—without someone extolling the benefits of adding a vitamin C serum to your skincare regimen. The powerhouse ingredient has become a staple in skincare routines—no matter a person’s age or skin concerns—and for good reason. Not only is vitamin C a must-have ingredient when it comes to brightening skin tone and complexion but its anti-pollution and anti-aging properties make it an all-around great addition to your daily routine. Read on to learn more about the many different benefits of vitamin C serums.

If your concern is dull skin:

Vitamin C serums like L’Oréal Paris Triple Power LZR Vitamin C Serum are known to brighten skin tone and bring out your skin’s natural, lit-from-within glow. Within a week of using this serum, you’ll notice a more youthful glow, replacing any previous dullness or lack of luminosity that can make skin appear tired. Since the formulation is made with 10% vitamin C (a more potent concentration than many other forms on the market), rest assured that you’ll see results—fast.

If your concern is pollution:

Worried about the effects of pollution on your skin? Everything from smog to particulate matter (that is, tiny particles of dirt that may be floating around in the air) to general grime that essentially sticks on skin can contribute to premature aging, uneven skin tone and an overall lacklustre complexion. Vitamin C is crucial in fighting the effects of pollution because it has been shown to actually stop the effects of free-radical damage. It also speeds up skin cells’ turnover rate, allowing skin to naturally exfoliate faster than it normally would, thus revealing the smoother, brighter skin underneath in less time. Who would say no to that?

If your concern is anti-aging:

The best vitamin C serum is one that is effective enough to also provide visible anti-aging benefits, which means revealing firmer, smoother and brighter skin as it protects against UV rays and environmental damage. L’Oréal Paris Triple Power LZR Vitamin C Serum is formulated without water and packaged in an airtight tube (vitamin C is a finicky ingredient and can become unstable—and therefore less effective—when exposed to light and oxygen), and at a 10% concentration, you know that your skin is absorbing enough of the product to really make a difference. Since vitamin C works to speed up skin cells’ turnover rate and stimulate collagen production, with regular, long-term use you’ll see a reduction in wrinkles, dark spots and sun damage—things that are all associated with premature aging.

If your concern is uneven skin tone:

Vitamin C is a hero ingredient when it comes to evening skin tone and getting rid of dark spots, melasma and hyperpigmentation, whether they’ve been caused by acne or aging. Vitamin C serums like L’Oréal Paris Triple Power LZR Vitamin C Serum actually have the ability to interfere with the skin’s melanin production process (which can lead to dark spots) and control inflammation. Plus, thanks to vitamin C’s ability to speed up skin cells’ turnover rate, you’ll notice any existing dark spots fading much more rapidly than if you weren’t using a vitamin C serum.

No matter your age, skin type or skin concern, vitamin C serums are an important step in any skincare routine, thanks to their wide variety of benefits. With daily use, you’ll notice a major difference in your skin’s tone, radiance and luminosity.

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