Hair Color

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Try A Bold New Hair Colour At Home

With our Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, you get colour without the commitment as the colour washes out in 5-15 shampoos.

Here are some of our favourite trends and how to get them:

  1. Pink for Blondes or Brunettes with Highlights

Pink never goes out of style! This hair colour has been making waves for years and is always a fun choice for summer. The only consideration when going with pink is the shade of pink that you would like for your end result. For the brightest and boldest pink, go with Colorista Hot Pink but if you would like something a little more subdued, we suggest Colorista Pink or Soft Pink. If you want something in the same colour palette but slightly different, you can opt for Colorista Peach which will just add a bit of warmth to blond locks.

  1. Pastels for Blondes

Pastels are always a go-to for spring and summer months and hair colour is no exception. Our top picks include Colorista in Purple, Blue, Soft Pink and Aqua. If you would like the result to be lighter and more subtle than the one on our packaging, feel free to add some conditioner into the colour before you apply on your hair. The trick is to ensure that the colour and conditioner are mixed well so that the colour is consistent. Another trick if the results are brighter than you would like but you’ve already used the semi-permanent hair colour, is to use our Colorista Fading Shampoo which will help lighten the colour with each wash.

  1. Aqua for Brunettes

Bold colours are not only reserved for blondes, we are seeing many brunettes (celebs included) dyeing their hair aqua this spring. This bold shade is adventurous, exciting and oh-so Instagram-worthy. To get in on the trend use Colorista in Midnight Blue and make sure to saturate your hair well. For example, if you have long hair, opt for two bottles just to be safe. If you are feeling slightly less adventurous, feel free to opt for an ombré hair dye. To get the look part the hair in 1-inch sections then apply the colour from about three quarters down your hair length to the tips. For a gradual fade, twist the hair just above where you started the hair colour and push the hair colour up into the twist with your hands (wearing the gloves, of course).

Finally if you are looking to take a permanent plunge into bold hair colour for any of the trends mentioned above, our Feria hair colour line is your go-to for permanent bold hair dye.

Now that you have learned all you need to about playing with bold colours, it’s time to have fun and experiment!

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