What is the best bleached hair care?

  1. Bleached hair is fragile hair

Why? Because bleaching is a very demanding process that opens hair cuticles and might cause some brittleness and porosity. Overtime hair might lose its shine and radiance while some natural underlying pigments would finally reappear, leaving space for some yellow/orange tones.

  1. Adopt the purple routine

A perfect treatment for bleached hair, it starts in your bathroom when you wash your hair. In fact, it’s very important to use the right shampoo to keep your colored hair vibrant, shining and healthy. For example, once a week, you might use the Hair Expertise Purple Shampoo formulated with purple pigments that correct brassy tones. It works thanks to the color wheel and the association of complementary colors that neutralizes the perception of colors. And what is the complementary color of yellow? Purple, of course! That’s why brassy tones disappear when you use a purple shampoo… If you want to boost these results, end your ritual with the Hair Expertise Purple Conditioner that is perfect to maximize the neutralization of brassy tones and to deeply nourish your hair.

  1. Daily maintenance to keep your hair healthy!

As we said, bleaching might dry out your hair, so that it constantly requires intense nutrition. So if you want it to keep its brightness, daily use of a shampoo specially formulated for colored hair such as the Hair Expertise Purple Shampoo is a must. With it, you will nourish, revive and protect your color at once. Twice a week, you might complete your shampoo routine with the Hair Expertise Purple Conditioner and its lightweight formula that will nourish your hair. Ready for your new bleached hair care routine?

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