Trending Now: Flare Highlighting Technique

This amped-up highlighting technique is making its way into real-life from your Instagram feed. Here’s how you can add it to your morning makeup routine. Using an eyeshadow brush and setting spray, apply highlighter to several areas of your face to complete the look.

You know your angles and have a favourite filter on standby, but the best selfie ever starts long before you even frame up a shot. A radiant complexion has never been more covetable and there are so many ways to achieve it. Which means you can easily customize your beauty look day to day, dialing the wattage up or down depending on where you’re going. Learning how to wield a highlighter pen or highlighter stick, is one option when your aim is to get a lock on glowing skin. You can also go a step further, mastering the art of contour and highlight, to emphasize your features. But the secret to next-level illumination is knowing how to achieve flare highlighting. It’s crazy easy, super-fast and creates a serious glow! Follow along with beauty blogger and YouTuber @rahmanbeauty, a.k.a. Mariam Rahman, for a makeup DIY that will shed light on the must-try technique beauty lovers can’t get enough of. With major wow factor and minimal effort, your bright future is right this way!


Step 1: The magic starts with spraying a small eyeshadow brush with Infallible Pro-Spray + Set Make-Up Setting Spray. This size of brush is just right for flare highlighting as it’s the perfect size for ideal control. For an even application, be sure to shake the bottle of setting spray to blend the ingredients. Hold the bottle a few inches away from the brush to dampen the bristles with a fine mist. The spray will help pick up the highlighter powder and intensify it with long-lasting results.

Step 2: Using the wet brush, pick up some True Match Lumi Glow Nude Highlighter Palette in Moonkissed. The multi-hued highlighter offers four skin-friendly shades that includes a pearly ivory, a radiant rose pink, a shimmering taupe and an illuminating bronze. You can work with the shades individually, choosing one as a cheekbone highlighter and another as an eyebrow highlighter. Or you can layer them together (using a blend of any of the four shades over different parts of the face) or over other products. Feel like you need a boost under your eyes? Try the powder to create a highlighting concealer.


Step 3: Apply the highlighter above the cheekbone using a circular motion. Start by dusting the highlighter powder on the highest point of the cheek and then apply it across the cheekbone and upwards toward the temples. A swirling motion, rather than a sweeping one, is best to create a halo effect. This application technique will help diffuse the highlighter powder, achieving a soft glow that will wrap around your face with no harsh lines. To intensify a beautifully flushed radiance, layer the pearly ivory shade on top of the radiant rose pink. For a glow with noticeable warmth, start with the illuminating bronze tone and finish with the shimmering taupe.

Step 4: Choosing where to highlight can create a more cohesive beauty look. Adding highlighter down the bridge of your nose and on the tip is also a part of flare highlighting. Hold the brush at an angle to disperse product evenly, and then dust on the highlighter powder with light pressure. All four shades earn top marks for being 100% complementary in the same way a 2-in-1 contour and highlight stick offers shades designed to work together.


Step 5: You don’t have to be a celeb makeup artist to know that a little blending goes a long way, and flare highlighting is no exception. But don’t reach for a traditional powder brush. You’ll want to blend your handiwork slightly with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender. Its spongelike texture makes it the perfect tool for softening any accidental edges. And a stippling motion will press highlighter powder into skin to create a flawless second-skin brilliance. If you still want to add more radiance to your skin, you can layer L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glow Drops into your highlighting handiwork for next-level luminosity.

So stunning, so easy! In a few short steps, you’ve learned how to highlight by mastering the art of flare highlighting, a game-changer for any beauty look. New glow, who dis?!

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