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Trending Now: Silver-grey Hair

The ultimate guide to dying your hair silver or grey at home.

We’ve long been fans of women who own their natural grey. (Lookin’ at you, Helen Mirren.) But more recently we’ve found ourselves captivated by grey hair of a more deliberate nature. From moody slate to icy anthracite to more ethereal moonbeam white, adopting silver-grey strands as a signature style before it naturally occurs is a fabulous way to challenge preconceived notions about what beauty should or shouldn’t be. Plus, it’s a look that’s equal parts edgy and pretty and happens to literally complement skin tone and hair texture.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that silver manes have blown up on the runways, in ready-to-wear campaigns, on social media feeds and among countless famous faces. One scroll through the recent above-the-neck overhauls on Instagram bears witness to a parade of celebrity It girls showing off their own versions of 50 shades of grey. Now, grey hair—both dyed and natural—is more popular than ever.

“Metallic hair colour is still really popular, but the spectrum of silver in particular can look incredible for women of all ages and hair types,” explains Montreal-based hair pro Christine Geiger Christine Geiger. She suggests L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference in Stockholm. “Before, grey was a bit dull and flat, but now you can really achieve that multidimensional, high-shine finish. Superior Preference colour is really vibrant and instantly creates a brighter aura.”

Convinced you need to go grey now? First off, plan on completely bleaching your hair a platinum shade to achieve that icy tone we’re all obsessed with. Then read on for tips on how to capture the trend.


Divide your hair into smaller sections using clips, and then apply the dye to one section at a time starting at the roots. If you already have greys, let the colour sit on the roots for at least 10 minutes (and up 45 minutes) and up to 20 minutes if it’s a new colour.


After the roots are completely saturated, work the dye through the length of your hair and the ends until it is fully and evenly distributed. Follow the instructions for development time, and don’t leave it on for longer than recommended. As a pro tip, Geiger suggests using clips or covering your hair with a plastic bag or disposable shower cap to prevent drips while your colour develops. “It’s not pretty, but it works!”


When the time is up, wash the dye out thoroughly and then apply a nourishing conditioner for an extra-glossy shine. Blow-dry and style to your preference.

Now it’s time to take your newly transformed tresses out. Grey, silver, gunmetal, ash, pewter, salt and pepper, steely hair—whatever you choose to call it, it’s a foolproof way to shine.

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