Treat Yourself With Our 12-day Beauty Challenge

The holiday season is the time of giving and what better way to show self-love and care than by giving yourself some much deserved “me” time. We have created a 12-Day beauty advent calendar that you can follow along with to treat yourself this holiday season with our fan-favourite items.

Day 1: Revitalift Triple Power LZR Renew Day Cream

On the first day of holidays, your beauty routine feels like a dream – with our Revitalift Day cream! The colder season has arrived which means your skin is about to become a lot drier which will require a good moisturizer. Additionally, with maskne becoming a more common occurrence, our Revitalift Triple Power LZR Anti-Aging Day Moisturizer will act as a barrier to your mask and skin when going outside.

Day 2: Holiday-Inspired Burgundy and Copper Tones

On the second day of holidays, it’s time to zoom your friends – and get it on the hair colour trends! Impress your friends with a bold new look and go for the trades tending this season. For a permanent burgundy hair dye look with a dark coloured base, try the shade Superior Preference in CB415 Dark Soft Mahogany Brown. If you want to get bright copper tones, opt for our favourite Feria C74 Intense Copper for lighter bases.

Day 3: EverPure Hair Care

On the third day of holidays, the gifts will come in two – an EverPure conditioner and shampoo! Featuring a salon-quality formula, try the EverPure shampoo and conditioner – the go-to hair care brand for color-treated hair that is vegan and paraben free. 

Day 4: The New Air Mascara

On the fourth day of holidays, get ready to online shop – and get the new Air Mega Volume Mascara to make your eyes pop! Suitable for all lash types, Air Mega Volume Mascara is air whipped to create a lash multiplying effect with high volume charge that is weightless on lashes. Smudge and flake resistant, this mascara is perfect for your next video call!

Day 5: Elnett Satin Unfragranced

On the fifth day of holidays, you can keep the strays away – with the Elnett Satin Unfragranced! For holiday styling that won’t weigh you down, choose the iconic gold can with exclusive micro-diffusion technology. Disappears with the stroke of a brush so you can re-style throughout the day!

Day 6: Colorista Rose Gold Spray


On the sixth day of holidays, spice up your look and go bold – by using our Colorista Spray in rose gold! For hints and highlights, use Colorista Spray Rose Gold for temporary one day application to give your hair a shiny new look. Get festive and try shades such as red, green, gold, and our favourite, rose gold! 

Day 7: Purifying with Our Clay Mask


On the seventh day of holidays, celebrate the season of lights – with our clay mask that will make your face shine bright! The Pure-Clay Cleansing Mask draws out built-up impurities, dirt, and oil to cleanse dull skin. Treat yourself to a masking session and give your face a fresh, renewed glow!

Day 8: Be Confident with Our Red Lipstick


On the eighth day of holidays, we share our beauty tips – our secret to confidence is always with a red lip! Use our Brilliant Signature Liquid Lip Colour to sign your lips with a statement shine sure to make you stand out in your video calls. A formula that has lasting all day vibrant colour with a light bare-lip sensation provides a non-sticky and intense colour payoff so you can wear it all day! 

Day 9: Nourish Your Hair with our Extraordinary Oil Hair Mask

On the ninth day of holidays, indulge in the season’s sweets – a Coconut Oil mask as a hair treat! Winter hair dryness is no match for Extraordinary Oil. With 6 previous oils, your hair will be soft, silky, and nourished all season long using the Extraordinary Oil Coconut Oil Mask.

Day 10: Plump Your Skin with Hyaluronic Acid Serum

On the tenth day of holidays, your skin will plump and pop – from a Hyaluronic Acid serum drop! Indulge in your self-care routine with our best-selling treatment, the Revitalift Triple Power LZR 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum that replenishes moisture and reduces wrinkles. After applying, your skin is sure to feel firmer and more elastic, looking visibly refreshed. 


Day 11: Our Magic Solution to Covering Your Roots


On the eleventh day of holidays, we will save the day – with Magic Root Cover Up to spray your greys away! Seconds to flawless roots, use Magic Root Cover Up for lightweight, no smudging or sticky residue when dry that lasts 1 shampoo. Our formula is ammonia-free, peroxide-free, and contains no synthetic dyes.

Day 12: Colour Queen Eye Shadow Palette

On the twelfth day of holidays, it’s the day to be seen – with our shadow palette because you’re a COLOUR QUEEN! Try our new Colour Queen Eyeshadow palette to make your eyes pop with an intense rich colour and majestic matte finish! Formulated with 40% extra-fine oils for a soft and creamy texture for instant colour pay-off power these eyeshadows.

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