The Four Biggest Makeup Trends To Try For Summer 2020

Floating Graphic Liner for the Win

All about eyes! Are you looking for easy liner trends for a bold impact on the eyes? Try using L’Oréal Paris Super Slim eyeliner to create a one of a kind, classic look that pairs perfectly with any look. For this trend, it is important to use a precise felt tip liquid liner to draw precise clean lines. This easy to try eyeliner trend is sure to make a statement on your eyes. Simply draw a line along your lash line, with a flicked wing at the end. To create the floating graphic, pull our winged line back towards the inner corner of the eye. If you are looking to make the ultimate, bold statement used a vibrant colored liner. We suggest L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Liquid Eyeliner in Cobalt Blue.

The Glossier the Better

Attention. Attention. Attention. Glossy lips are back - and we could not be more excited. Glossy lips are the ultimate hack to making your lips look bigger while providing extra hydration through out the hot summer days. Try our Infallible Pro Gloss as your new Lip topper or wear alone for a tinted glossy look. Our go to shade is Pink Petal.

Dewy No-Makeup Skin

For a natural dewy skin look. The secret natural glowing skin is using our L’Oréal Paris Glotion as base before applying your favourite summer foundation. This illuminated skin and allows for a sheer foundation finish. If you want to look extra dewy, you can also mix it with your foundation. Finish this look off with a flush of pink colour on your cheeks. Pro-tip: Avoid using powders on your face when trying to achieve a dewy look; liquid products are key to achieving this look! We suggest opting for a liquid blush to keep your skin dewy for the summer season. Our L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Liquid Lipsticks doubles as the perfect liquid blush. You can try using shade I Represent.

Defined Lashes for Days

The perfect addition to any summer ‘no-makeup, makeup look’ is a defined voluminous lash! Try the all new L’Oréal Paris Bambi Eye Mascara. It offers lash-by-lash separation and curl, giving you an instant eye opening look. The formula is velvety, clump free, and is available in waterproof for those hot summer days!

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