Our New Secret To Wonderful Hair

If you have ever longed for red carpet-worthy, commercial-looking hair, L’Oréal Paris has come up with an innovation that will get you there in no time – literally.

L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Wonder Water is a one-of-a-kind liquid treatment featuring a breakthrough Korean technology: Lamellar water.

Ordinary conditioners and hair masks work by binding onto hair strands, coating it with nourishing agents over the course of a few minutes. The result is detangled hair that feels soft, but that can often feel weighed down – especially for fine hair types.

Wonder Water takes a revolutionary approach to caring for hair. Unlike traditional conditioners, Wonder Water is 100% liquid, and contains protein and amino acids that are distributed in thin layers called lamellae. The light, moisture-rich lamellar molecules allow the formula to do two things: First, to disperse evenly on hair strands, which avoids over-coating. Second, to magnetically bind to damaged areas of hair, ensuring that only the areas that need care are being targeted. 

Once it comes into contact with water, the formula is immediately activated, penetrating the hair fiber in seconds. The result is an instant hair transformation: Shiny, weightless, healthier-looking hair. All in just 8 seconds.

Wonder Water can be used on all hair types, from super fine to coarse and curly. It is even safe for colour-treated hair. 

Start with your favourite shampoo, wash and rinse thoroughly. Apply Wonder Water on wet hair and massage it into your strands for eight seconds. Rinse it out and style as usual.

This innovative treatment is silicone-free, so all you’re left with are beautiful tresses that won’t get weighed down. 

Next time you’re watching an award show and wondering how long it must take them to get such beautiful hair, remember: In only 8 seconds you too can get wonderfully soft, silky, and healthy-looking hair.

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