Nude Wedding Makeup Look

Get a little expert advice on how to create the perfect nude, monochromatic wedding makeup look to wear to a summer wedding.

Steps for Nude Wedding Makeup

So many makeup looks come and go, but the nude makeup look is always in fashion, especially for weddings. Not to be confused with barely there or no makeup at all, simplifying your wedding makeup look to go nude doesn’t mean not wearing cosmetics. It’s all about embracing the neutral tones, like brown, beige, rose, gold, taupe and peach—they’re a must when creating a nude wedding makeup look. Just follow this wedding makeup tutorial to get your style just right.

Step 1: Your eyes. Using the L’Oréal Paris Paradise Enchanted Eyeshadow Palette pick a shadow in a neutral colour that compliments your eye colour and skin tone. For blondes with light eyes, light brown shades work best. For dark hair with light eyes, taupe looks great and for dark hair with darker complexions, metallic can be the perfect pick.

Step 2: To create definition and give your eyes a pop, use a darker, complementary colour from the same palette to line your upper eyes along the lash line. This will give you the same effect as eyeliner but with a softer touch.

Step 3: Even a nude wedding makeup look demands a coating or two of mascara, so finish yours with L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara. Not only will it frame your eyes, it’ll also add a slight, sultry hint of intensity in your otherwise classic style.

Step 4: Your cheeks. Dewy and sun-kissed cheeks are the way to go for wedding makeup. It adds a youthful glow to your skin, illuminating your face. Try using a touch of L’Oréal Paris Paradise Enchanted Blush to your cheekbones for colour and shine.

Step 5: Your lips. With all of the cheek kissing and romantic moments, you’ll definitely want to emphasize your pretty pout. But swap out your usual ruby red and opt in a more subtle hue with a wedding makeup vibe, like L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Glossy Fawn. It’s got just enough colour and shine to keep your smile looking fresh all day and night.

And that’s it! You’re a natural beauty! With seemingly endless neutral shades to choose from you can now recreate this bridal makeup style all season long.

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