Must-Have Products For Busy Moms–As Told By Moms At L’OréAl Paris

“As a mom I always have my kids’ doctor’s appointments and playdates scheduled weeks ahead, however I can never manage to book my own appointment in time for a root touch up. This is why I literally cannot live without Magic Roots Cover Up Spray. It completely hides my grey roots in just 3 seconds and has been a lifesaver in making me feel put together, especially during this time. ” – Julie, L’Oréal Paris Trade Manager

“If I’ve learned anything during these uncertain times, it’s that moms can do the impossible! As a mom to a toddler, I find myself multi-tasking every single day and the product getting me through it is my Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It plumps and hydrates my skin making me look refreshed and glowing- even when I might not feel that way. – Allison, L’Oréal Paris Skincare Project Manager

“Working from home full time while caring for a toddler means being as efficient as possible- and it all starts with my morning shower. I love using Wonder Water as a replacement for my conditioner because it works to repair hair in 8 seconds while making me feel like I’m giving my hair a special treat without the time commitment. Chock full of protein and amino acids, this rinse-out treatment works wonders, adding shine and moisture while repairing my damaged ends. What more could this busy mom ask for?” – Trish, L’Oréal Paris Communication Lead

“The trick to being a full-time mom, employee, cook and cleaner during this new way of life? Magic Invisible Dry Shampoo! I don’t have the time I used to for a full at-home pampering session, let alone being able to wash my hair everyday so I’m really thankful for this dry shampoo. It instantly refreshes and volumizes my hair so I can be presentable for morning video conference calls and afternoon walks with my little one. Currently loving the Rose Tonic scent.” – Jessica, L’Oréal Paris Trade Marketing Manager

“Mornings in my household are busy with a four year old, and when I only have time to reach for one product, it’s always Lash Paradise mascara! I love the way it opens up my eyes, curls my lashes and builds volume⁠—making me look more awake than I feel. Whether I’m leading a video conference call or enjoying some quality time with my son, I always feel put together when I have it on." – Tracie, L’Oréal Paris Trade Marketing

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