Meet Your Curly Hair's New Bestie

A curl cream is a must-have for healthy-looking curls, and incorporating it into your curly-hair routine couldn’t be easier! Read on for more about this essential for all curl types.

Making the most of your curls starts with understanding your curl pattern. Styling tips and techniques may differ depending on whether you’re a 2C with deep waves or a 4A with tight coils, but how you care for your unique curl pattern is where the real work pays off. There are a few universal truths: The big one is that all types of curls tend to be naturally dry. Compared to the unobstructed travel route of straight strands, an S-shape, a ringlet or a zigzag pattern makes it harder for the natural oils produced on the scalp to descend to the tips. That lack of extended nourishment makes frizz and breakage an ongoing challenge for all curls. Wavy and curly hair is further prone to damage because the cuticle layer at each bend in the texture is fragile. This can make simple daily habits like brushing your hair a source of mechanical damage that cuts curls off. The good news is that with only a few curly-hair products, you can create a curly-hair routine that focuses on keeping curls hydrated, which leads to reduced frizz, less breakage and, ultimately, healthy-looking and longer curls.


Curls can ask a lot from styling products. They need a little extra conditioning

(they’re naturally dry, remember?), but they also like a bit of hold to help individual curls express themselves. Plus, curly textures never say no to a shine upgrade. Think you need a handful of products (and a lot of time) to tick all those boxes? Not if you choose a curl cream like L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Curl Cream. Formulated with glycerine, sunflower seed oil and royal jelly, which is rich in nutrients, it’s a leave-in cream designed to nourish, smooth and define long curls and waves. Plus, it adds shine. For best results, start with damp hair. If you’re spraying hair down using a water bottle (a curly-hair styling tool must-have, BTW), you can even add a few drops of hair oil to the water. Shake it up and you’ve got a DIY hydrating spritz. Next, you can apply the curl cream: Massage a quarter-size amount between your palms before gently raking it through your curls from roots to ends. Depending on your curl type or how much hair you have, using a wide-tooth comb can help distribute the product more evenly. For enhanced definition around your hairline, or to tame free-spirited ends, use your fingers to gently twist and twirl individual curls. In just a few minutes, and with minimal effort, the best curl cream becomes a one-and-done step that delivers everything your curls desire.


Now you know that a curl cream can be a game-changer, but you can’t ask it to do all the heavy lifting to keep your curls happy. It takes teamwork to maximize hydration, keep your scalp healthy and nourish the ends. And while most curly-haired girls find that their hair type does best on a less frequent wash schedule, all curls need support from the right shampoo, conditioning and treatment rituals. For gentle cleansing, start with a traditional cream formula, such as L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Shampoo. This will remove the buildup of oils, product residue and dirt on the scalp. It contains vegetal keratin, castor oil and vitamins that help to repair and nourish hair and make it stronger as well as add shine.

Next, upgrade your curl care with a lamellar water treatment. L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths 8-Second Wonder Water a rinse-out treatment that targets damaged mid-lengths and ends while instantly detangling and smoothing. And, yes, the fast-acting liquid works in as many seconds as it says! Lastly, use a hair mask like L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Savior Mask for the ultimate hydrating finish. Consider this blueprint for care using curly-hair products a starting point that’s yours to customize. You can perform the whole three-step routine weekly, use the lamellar water treatment every three days or try masking once a month—your curls will tell you what they need!

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