Makeup Must-Haves From A L’OréAl Paris Beauty

When Toronto-based editorial makeup artist Jodi Urichuk was named L’Oréal Paris Canada Makeup Artist & Expert, she was thrilled to become part of an iconic brand that has been making waves and impacting trends in the beauty industry for over 100 years. “Being part of a brand that I’ve worn and used since I was a little girl, a brand that represents strength, self-confidence and being the best version of yourself, is a dream come true,” she says.

Urichuk is a pro with more than 20 years of experience and has spent the past two decades painting celebrity faces and lending her services to top-tier magazines. Now, she’s a member of the L’Oréal Paris family and fills her kit with all the best makeup products that L’Oréal Paris has to offer. Here are Urichuk’s top three makeup essentials, including the very best drugstore mascara, the best lightweight foundation and the best eyebrow gel.

The best drugstore mascara

It’s a makeup artist’s best-kept secret that bending a mascara wand allows you to easily apply product and get right into the root of each and every lash. L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara  simplifies that hack with a dual-position brush that can be used straight (the standard way) or bent to hold curl and “lift and lengthen even the smallest, hard-to-reach lashes,” says Urichuk. The brush itself is tapered to promote precise application from corner to corner, and the stretchable formula has the perfect amount of wetness so you won’t have to push air into the tube to dry it to your perfect consistency. L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Mascara glides on without clumping or flaking and lasts for up to 24 hours without lid transfer, plus it comes in washable and waterproof formulas for whatever your mood—or situation—requires.

The best lightweight foundation

“I love this long-wearing foundation for its skinlike texture and luminous finish,” says Urichuk of L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation. It’s easy to see why she’s smitten with the breathable formula. Not only is it buildable, providing medium-to-full coverage, but it feels like a second skin, gliding on smoothly and staying true to colour so that it looks fresh all day long. L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation also provides ultra-long wear with a trio of oil absorbers that ensure that it’s waterproof, sweat-proof and transfer-proof. If you’ve been wondering how to get flawless skin, this lightweight, long-wear foundation is it. Bonus: It works for all skin types and comes in 30 shades, from the lightest light (Pearl, Porcelain and Ivory) to the darkest dark (Espresso, Mahogany and Ebony).

The best eyebrow gel

For Urichuk, L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva’Brow is a go-to brow styling choice no matter what look she’s crafting. “The double-sided brush allows for so much control, from small, hairlike strokes to the boldest of brows,” she says. The double-ended wand that she refers to features a slanted brush for drawing on product and a spoolie brush for blending, allowing you to build and sculpt your brows—even sparse arches—as you see fit. L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva’Brow also includes L’Oréal Paris’s first long-wear brow formula. It creates a waterproof film that seals pigment onto brow hairs for up to 48 hours. Because of its no-smudge, no-transfer and sweat-resistant claims, it provides excellent wear during high-intensity workouts and will even stay put on those with ultra-oily skin. L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva’Brow comes in five shades, including Blonde, Light Brunette, Brunette, Dark Brunette and Black.

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