A Guide to the Perfect Red Lipstick for Every Event

There are many options when it comes to choosing shades and finishes for red lips. No matter what your plans are, pick the best red lipstick with this guide.

Red lips are arguably one of the most timeless beauty looks, right up there with cat eyes and smoky eyeshadow. And no matter what your vibe is or where you’re headed, there’s a blue-red, coral, crimson or dark red lipstick that can add an effortless finishing touch to your outfit. Taking a trip to the beach? Opt for a swipe of super bright orange-red lipstick. Attending a wedding? A creamy-matte finish will stay put all through dinner and dancing. And if you’re going out for a night in town, something with a bit of glitter can give you just the right amount of glam. This lipstick guide can help you choose which one is right for you.

Red matte lipstick

The red matte lipstick look:

Matte lipstick gives a bold hit of pigment, but instead of the classic, semi-gloss finish, you get a modern, suede-like look that’s super polished. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche in Devil’s Matte-Vocate is the perfect shade of red and is a hydrating matte lipstick that’s incredibly comfortable, unlike some matte lipsticks that can feel a little dry as the day goes on.

How to apply red matte lipstick:

You want to make sure your lips are moisturized before you apply your matte lipstick, so start with lip balm to prime your pout. Then, line your lips with a clear or red lip liner to prevent bleeding, and swipe on your matte lipstick within the lines, starting from the center and working out to the edge of your lips.

Where to wear red matte lips:

Red matte lipstick is perfect for any outing that involves eating, because you can trust that it’ll stay put.

Creamy red matte lip gloss

The creamy red matte lip gloss look:

 Just like its matte counterpart, a red lip gloss with a matte finish delivers lots of colour, but with a more on-trend, velvety texture. And unlike your typical red matte lipstick, a creamy one, like L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss in Shanghai Kiss offers even more moisturization along with that velvet look.

How to apply lip gloss:

Prep your lips with a lip balm, and outline them with a red lip liner in a similar shade to Shanghai Scarlet. Thanks to the Pro-Sculpt doe foot-style applicator, Pro Matte Gloss is super easy to apply. It gives you full control for simple, precise application.

Where to wear creamy, matte red lips:

A creamy matte is the best red lipstick for a date night, because its staying power means you can apply it once and it won’t budge all night.

Red lipstick with a hint of glitter

The glitter red lipstick look:

Glitter is a huge trend right now, but if you’re not that into looking like you stepped right out of the ‘90s, opt for a more subtle red glitter lipstick. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche in Ruby Flame is the perfect weightless, creamy red lipstick, kicked up a notch thanks to tiny flecks of silver glitter.

How to apply red lipstick:

Go with a clear lip liner for this one, and fill your lips in with your Colour Riche right from the bullet or with a lip brush. Keep the rest of your make-up simple since this a bold lip look – maybe just a swipe of mascara and a hint of blush.

Where to wear red lips with a hint of glitter:

Everyone wants a little extra glam when they’re going out with their girlfriends, and what better way to get it than glittery red lips?

Red liquid lipstick

The red liquid lipstick to wear:

Liquid lipstick gives you a similar formula to what’s in a classic bullet-style lipstick, but with the added benefit of more precise application. L’Oréal Paris Infallible 2-Step Lip Colour in Infallible Red has a dual-sided applicator – one end delivers the longwearing, transfer-resistant red liquid lipstick, and the other has a conditioning, colour-sealing balm that locks in the pigment and adds a hit of hydration.

How to apply red liquid lipstick:

Line your lips, and apply your Pro Last 2-step with the doe foot applicator, starting in the center of your lips and working your way outwards. Let it dry for at least two minutes, and then apply the balm from the other end.

Where to wear red lips:

You’ll never need to reapply this lipstick, so it’s ideal for a long day of shopping at the sales.

Orange-red lipstick

The orange-red lipstick to wear:

If your go-to lip look is red lipstick, and you want to change it up a bit without veering to far from your favourite, choose a more orange-red lipstick red like L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche in Matte-ly in Love. You’ll still get that classic red lip look but with a bright, youthful twist that’ll freshen up your beauty routine.

How to apply orange-red lipstick:

Apply a little lip balm to prep your lips, then line them with a red lip liner in a similar shade to Matte-ly in Love. You can apply the creamy formula right from the bullet, or grab a lip brush for more precise application. Keep the rest of your make-up look more neutral so nothing ends up fighting with your bold lip.

Where to wear orange-red lips:

Since this is such a punchy look, you can swipe on your Matte-ly in Love and it might be all you need to brighten up your whole face. That makes it the perfect lipstick for a day at the beach.

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