How to Wear Fall’s Dark Lip Trend

Lipstick trends come and go, but dark lips are here to stay! Lipstick trends come and go, but dark lips are here to stay! Florals are classic for spring, and dark, matte lipstick for fall is the ubiquitous equivalent. But what actually makes this lipstick trend fresh is how to wear it. Beautifully goth, deep-berry lips are quite flattering for most skin tones, and, similar to cool-red lipsticks, can help make teeth look brighter and whiter—just two of the reasons why we keep coming back to this enduring look.

Here’s how to rock gorgeous, deep, dark lips this season.

  1. Start with clean, fresh skin.

If you’re experiencing a little redness (around the nose or thanks to an annoying blemish), make sure to add a bit of concealer or your favourite foundation before you complete this look. Dark-berry lips will draw attention to any redness in the skin, so cover all your bases. If you are contending with stubborn discoloration, work with a green-tinted concealer to help neutralize any flush.

  1. Line your lips to perfection.

While having a matching liner can be a huge help when working with lipstick, for this makeup look we recommend applying a flesh-toned liner around the contours of your mouth to help make your lips be the focal point of your face. Once you’ve applied it, blend it with your fingertips.

  1. Grab your lippy.

Now add a highly pigmented liquid lipstick. Try the award-winning L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature in I Dare, a deep-purple hue that is strong and sultry. Its lightweight liquid formula is super-comfortable and two times thinner than conventional lipstick, and it will last. For major impact, go a little exaggerated at the Cupid’s bow: Use the precision applicator to draw an X on the two points of your bow.

  1. Finish it off.

To create a makeup look that is oh-so-current (think fresh off the runway!), use a pencil to help define your brows and a brow mascara to set them. Grab a shimmery-pearl or gold shadow and apply to the corners of your eyes and the high planes of the cheekbones. Add a hint of pink on your cheeks (if you prefer, but it’s not entirely necessary), and top it all off with a volumizing and lengthening mascara.

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