How to Punch up a Brown Smoky Eye for Thanksgiving

Be the talk of the dinner table with your Thanksgiving-themed smoky eye—think festive shades of orange and brown.

Fall makeup trends tend to lean heavy on tones of brown, so why not keep things punchy and fun-loving this Thanksgiving by adding an unexpected twist of orange? This makeup look is very on-trend for the season, while also being glam.

Just because brown is a mainstay in fall trends doesn’t mean that your eye makeup will be boring. What makes this the best smokey eye look for the occasion is the mix of eyeshadow textures—from matte to satin to shimmery.

And you don’t need to have makeup-artist-level skills to create the perfect fall smokey eye, either. With a few easy steps, and the right eyeshadow palette, of course, you’ll wow even yourself with this new eye makeup look.

It’s a strong, dramatic and impactful statement, but it’s actually not difficult to achieve—promise! Whether you go full-on drama (think smokey and heavily lined) or subtly smokey (perfect for daytime), you’ll find that this Thanksgiving smokey eye is one you’ll want to wear again and again, well past the holiday weekend.

  1. Get preppy. If your eyeshadow tends to slide or gather in your crease after a few hours of wear, reach for an eye primer to help keep your handiwork in place. Smooth it over your bare lids, and then apply your shadow. Did you know some makeup artists actually apply eyeshadow before foundation or concealer? This allows them, and in turn would allow you, room for error: It’s easy to sweep away any shadow that falls below your lower lash line and into your undereye area before you go in with concealer and/or foundation.
  2. L’Oréal Paris La Petite Palette in Maximalist brings major colour impact in a small package—its size means you can carry it in your makeup bag or purse without taking up as much room as a regular-sized eyeshadow palette. It contains five ultra-soft and creamy shades (four everyday hues and one statement colour), and each velvety shadow blends like a dream. Apply either of the two bottom dark shades along both lash lines, and bring the shadow up on a winged angle, similar to a cat-eye. Apply and blend the rich coral hue from the inner corner of the lid, sweeping it into the deeper shade. To highlight the look, add a hint of the top golden shade to either the brow bone (i.e., under the brow) and/or along the lower lash line, depending on how pumped up you want to go.
  3. Don’t be afraid to add a deep-brown liner on both the bottom and lower lashes, [should this be “on both your top and bottom lashes”?] including the lower water line, to really make this look stand out. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown is the perfect pairing here.
  4. Look to caramel hues for cheeks and lips. Your eyes will take centre stage, but the rest of your face will look chic while staying within the same fall-beauty family.
  5. The final touch! After curling your lashes, make sure to wiggle mascara from the roots of your lashes all the way to the tips. Apply one or two coats on your top lashes and a light coat on your bottom lashes to really make your eyes pop.
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