How to: Get the Perfect Sun-kissed Brunette Hair with Brennen Demelo

Blonde might seem like the perfect summer shade, but especially if you already have light brown hair, opting for sun-kissed brunette can look way more natural. Follow these tips and nail this soft, summery shade.

More natural-looking hair is a big trend right now, and that means moving away from super pigmented colours and towards more muted, realistic tones. And if you have light brown hair, you’re in luck, because it’s the perfect canvas for adding lots of different shades that can give it a little life without looking fake. Whether you have light brown hair, ash brown hair or medium brown hair, the best way to give it dimension is adding in warm, golden tones. Who doesn’t want to look like they just came back from a vacation where their hair soaked up the sun? But you don’t have to lay out in those harmful UV rays (which can damage your hair as well as your skin, FYI), or spend a fortune on a beach vacation. Instead, give yourself a refresh with golden brown hair colour at home. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and you’ll end up with results you love. If you’re not sure where to start, or how to choose hair colour that’s right for you, follow this guide with L’Oréal Paris Canada Hair Artist & Expert Brennen Demelo and give your light brown hair a sun-kissed glow in less than an hour.

Steps for Light Brown Hair Prep:

Step 1: Start with unwashed hair. Clean hair tends to be slippery, but dirtier hair will hold colour better and the natural oils your scalp produces will still be there to protect it from the dye.

Step 2: Gently brush your hair and tease it a little from your roots to the mid-lengths to add texture and separate hairs.

Step 3: Divide your hair into four sections by first parting it down the middle, all the way to the nape of your neck. Then, create a second part to divide those two sections again that runs from the top of your ears right back to your middle part. Clip them all to keep them separate.

Steps for Applying Light Brown Hair Colour:

Step 1: Choose your brown hair colour. L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference in Medium Golden Brown has just the right balance of warm undertones to add that sun-kissed glow, covering any ashy tones and leaving behind beautiful, golden brown hair.

Step 2: Starting with the top two sections you separated out during your hair prep, apply your colour from the roots to the ends of your hair, fully saturating it.

Step 3: Do the same with the back to sections, making sure to completely cover the hair from roots to ends. Pull the hair colour through all the sections to make sure it’s completely saturated.

Step 4: Let the hair colour sit for at least 25 minutes, five to 10 minutes longer if you have stubborn greys you’re trying to cover. Then rinse, and avoid heat styling for at least 24 hours to help the colour stick and last for that full eight weeks.

Now that you’ve transformed your light brown hair, maintain it with a sulfate-free shampoo and cut back on heat styling, because the less you mess with your hair, the longer your colour will last. If you want to add texture to it, try braiding it when it’s damp then letting it dry completely in those braids, and you’ll be left with soft, beach-y waves. No matter how you style it, your warm, golden brown hair will keep you feeling summery all winter long.

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