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How To Get the 2020 Fall Hair Colour Trends At-Home

It’s the season to enjoy pumpkin-spiced lattes, watch the leaves start to change colour and pick fresh, delicious apples at the orchard. Given that you may still be waiting on a salon appointment and with the holidays around the corner, we’ve rounded up the latest fall hair colour trends you can try yourself at home to spice up your look!

The Best of Burgundy

Burgundy is the top trending shade for the season and it is a great way to add some rich colour to your hair if you have a dark base. If you want to go bold and permanent with this shade, try Feria 36 Chocolate Cherry Deep Burgundy Brown that will provide multi-faceted shimmering reflects to your hair in this coveted shade. For a burgundy that is luminous and fade defying in colour, try Superior Preference Infinia in shade 4B Burgundy. You can also get in on this trend with Colorista Semi-Permanent Burgundy hair dye without committing to the colour long term. This option washes out in 5-15 shampoos and can be applied all-over or sectional depending on the type of coverage you are looking for.

Calling All Copper Lovers

Pumpkins, Halloween, and the changing colours of leaves, fall is not complete without the colour orange. With this said, get inspired this season with copper tones and experiment with the shade in different tones. For a bold colour result, Feria C74 Intense Copper is the perfect shade to use or you can opt for a less intense tone with Feria 74 Deep Copper Blonde. These shades work best with a lighter hair colour base to start. If you want to try a copper shade but have a dark coloured base, use Feria Platinum to lighten your hair before applying the permanent colour.

Cinnamon Challenge…but hair!

You may have done the cinnamon challenge a while back, but we have an even better one now and it involves dyeing your hair with cinnamon-inspired tones! Get into the spirit of fall by going brunette with Superior Preference in shade CB415 Dark Soft Mahogany Brown, perfect for its warm tones and brilliant shine. If you’re looking for a classic shade that falls under the cinnamon tones, you can also opt for Superior Preference in shade 5 Medium Brown.

Now that you’re in on all the fall 2020 hair colour trends, it’s time to show off your look! If you’re not sure which fall shade you want to go with, try it on virtually so you can see which shade compliments your hair colour base the best. Then, reveal your new hair colour with your friends and be sure to share this article so that our favorite fall shades can inspire them as well!

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