How to Create Five Makeup Looks With One Eyeshadow Palette

When 12 eyeshadow shades are at your fingertips, the makeup opportunities are endless. This guide will help you decode all the looks you can create.

For makeup lovers, eyeshadow palettes are a must-have in their beauty stash. You get a collection of pretty shades all in one place that you can create a ton of eye makeup looks with, and the best eyeshadow palettes will have a mix of pigments and finishes. You can opt for a smokey eyeshadow look with the deeper shades, a bronze look with the metallic shades and a rosy, monochromatic look with all the berry-hued shades. Will all those choices, there are no limits, but it can also be a little overwhelming. So if you’re not sure where to start or how to apply eyeshadow to create the look you want, this handy guide can help you pull it all off like a pro.

Cut-crease eye makeup

This look is all about darkening your eyelid’s natural crease; it’s a bold effect that’s super-popular on social media. Don’t be discouraged if you need to practice it a few times before you nail it.

Step one: Apply your palette’s most neutral eyeshadow all over your eyelid, like the creamy ivory Shade 2 from L’Oréal Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette. This will create a base for the darker shades.

Step two: Choose a medium-toned matte shade and blend it in an arc shape just above your eyelid’s natural crease.

Step three: Blend a shade that’s slightly darker than the one from step two into your natural crease, and keep blending it up toward your brow bone.

Step four: Pick a shimmery, lighter shade for just below your crease to brighten your eyes. Copper is the best eyeshadow for blue eyes, while something with purple undertones is great for green eyes.

Monochrome eye makeup

When you have limited time to do your makeup but still want to make a statement, choosing a monochromatic look is a great way to go. For this red-carpet favourite, pick two or three eyeshadows from your palette that are in the same colour family, like Shades 4, 7 and 10 from L’Oréal Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette. Start by creating a base with the lightest one, blending it all over your eyelid right up to the brow bone. Then, blend the medium-toned eyeshadow into the outer corner of your eyelid. You can leave it at that, or for a little more drama, blend the darkest shade into your crease and use it to line your lower lash line, too.

Smokey eyeshadow

The beauty of this look is that it’s quick and easy to achieve, but the result can look like you spent hours doing your makeup.

Step one: Blend an eyeshadow that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone all over your eyelid to create a base, and then highlight the inner corner of your eyelid with your palette’s lightest shimmery shade. You can highlight the area just under your brow bone as well.

Step two: Apply a medium-toned shade all over your eyelid, avoiding the highlighter on the inner corner.

Step three: Take a deep brown shade and, starting from the outer corner of your lid, blend it in a C shape along your crease and your upper lash line.

Step four: Blend everything together from the inner corner outwards to avoid any noticeable breaks between your eyeshadow shades.

Bronzed, metallic eye makeup

Love a little glitz and glamour? This look will be your new go-to. It’s just as simple as the monochromatic look but with lots more punch. Start with a light shimmery eyeshadow, like Shade 3 in L’Oréal Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette and blend it all over your eyelid, right up to your brow bone as well as into the inner corner of your eye. Then, choose a deeper shade, a bright copper like Shade 6, and blend it into the outer corner of your eye and into your crease. The last shade you’ll need is a deep shimmery bronze like Shade 12 to intensify the crease and to trace along the lower lash line. Soften it by gently blending everything together.

Natural, glowing eye makeup

If you’re one of those “no-makeup makeup” people, or if you prefer a subtle look that leaves room for bold brows or a bright lip to shine, this last eye makeup look is for you. Start by highlighting right under your brow bone and the inner corner of your eye with your eyeshadow palette’s lightest shade. Then, take the second-lightest shade and dust it along the outer half of your crease and along your upper lash line in that same C formation you used for the smokey eyeshadow look. If you want more impact, take the third-lightest shade and use it to intensify the crease a little and trace along your lower lash line.

Don’t let any shade in your eyeshadow palette go untouched—get creative and master all of these fun eye makeup looks.

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