Halloween Hair Restoration 101

You’ve achieved the perfect Halloween spook-tacular look – temporary-coloured hair on point, flawlessly frightful make-up, and enough hair spray and flat-ironing to lock in your look until you’re 6 feet under. A look to die for and one that’s sure to turn heads all night.

But now it’s November 1st – the dreaded morning after. Your hair is as stiff as a board and the coarsest it’s ever been. That dollar store costume hair colour isn’t washing out. You’ve got an important work call in a few minutes and you need to be camera-ready; stat. Crusty, dried out, neon blue hair just won’t do. Well fear not, because we’re here with our tips for the perfect Halloween morning after hair rehab.

The first thing to do: solve the coloured hair catastrophe. If you’ve chosen an inexpensive costume hair dye from a party store, you might need to shampoo a few times to fully remove the colour. Choose a stripping shampoo like L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Clay Shampoo. It’ll help remove the colour quickly, but it still might take a few rounds of shampoo. Make sure to avoid any products marked as “Colour Safe” or “Gentle on Colour Treated Hair”. Be patient and get ready to spend a few minutes in the shower. It’ll also help remove any hairspray or hair fixatives you’ve applied to lock in your look.

If you’re truly in a pinch and can’t seem to get the colour out, there is a quick-fix solution. Reach for a can of L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Touch Up Spray in a shade that matches your base color. You can use it to help quickly cover up lingering tones until you have time to correct the issue, be it an at-home coloration treatment or salon intervention.

The multiple rounds of intense color stripping combined with the heat damage you’ve incurred the night before means your hair might be damaged beyond all recognition. You need a miracle. Thankfully, there’s L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise 8-Second Wonder Water. Wonder Water contains a powerful lamellar technology infused with protein and amino acids to help rapidly repair and restore the appearance of hair, leaving it detangled and silky-soft. Just apply it to towel-dried hair, leave on for 8 seconds, rinse, and damage is instantly erased.

If you need even more care, add a powerful conditioner like Total Repair 5. The formula enriched with protein and cicamide restores protection to the hair’s surface, leaving it soft to the touch with a healthy-looking shine. And there you have it – your hair will be restored, silky, and oh-so-soft. Almost like your Halloween Hair Horror never happened.

Pro tip for next year: The best way to ensure that your colour washes out the next day is to pick a well-formulated temporary coloration product like Colorista Spray by L’Oreal Paris. Colorista Spray washes out in just a single shampoo, meaning Halloween hair recovery is quick and simple. No multiple rounds of shampoo and no big regrets!

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