Hair DIY: Side-swept hair

How to Sweep Your Long Hair Hair All to One Side

Gathering your long hair all to one side is a super glamorous look, perfect for any special occasion. But if you’re not sure how to pull it off, follow this tutorial and learn how to nail the sleek and sophisticated hairstyle.

It’s easy to get bored with hairstyles for long hair – think about how often you’ve pulled your hair up into a ponytail or a bun when you don’t know what else to do with it. But why not go with something different and a little more interesting with your long hair next time you have a wedding or fancy party to attend? Enter the side-swept look, a sleek hairstyle that’s more modern and elevated than your typical updo. You might have seen this hairstyle on the runways or red carpets, but you might not know how to pull it off. Read on to find out how to do all of that, with the help of just two products and the expert advice of L’Oréal Paris Canadian Hair Artist & Expert, Brennen Demelo

Steps for Prepping Your Long Hair:

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair with a smooth shampoo system. Towel dry your hair or let it air dry until it’s only slightly damp.

Step 2: Spray L’Oréal ParisStylista #Sleek Smoothing Serum throughout your hair to protect it from heat and keep your finished hairstyle frizz-free.

Step 3: Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush or a round brush for extra volume, focusing on lifting the roots and keeping it smooth and straight from the roots to ends.

Steps for Sweeping Your Long Hair to the Side:

Step 1: Flat iron your hair from the roots to the mid-lengths, paying extra attention to the side you’re going to gather all of your hair on. Run a brush through your hair to smooth it down a little more.

Step 2: Spray on another layer of L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Sleek Smoothing Serum to keep your hair looking as smooth as possible, and then tuck it behind one ear, sweeping it all to the side you’ve chosen to gather it on. If you feel like it won’t stay on its own, secure it with bobby pins by tucking a few into your hair just behind your ear.

Step 3: To make sure your hairstyle doesn’t budge at all, generously spray L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray all over the entire look, focusing on the side that’s tucked behind your ear.

Hairstyles like this one often look more complicated than they are, but with this breakdown, you can hopefully master it and effortlessly pull it off. If you want to add a little more interest to the look, try using embellished bobby pins or bobby pins in a bright colour. You can also curl the hair where it’s gathered onto one side of of your head, or even add an old Hollywood-inspired wave. No matter how you make it your own, you’ll have a new go-to glamorous hairstyle for any event you have this season.

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