Get the Look: Graphic Liner

Take fall’s biggest beauty trend for a spin with this stunning architectural eyeliner look.

The cat-eye is always on trend—it’s classic with a capital C! And now it’s easier than ever to create thanks to pens, gels and liners that make application a breeze. For this look on model Cindy Bruna, L’Oréal Paris global makeup director Val Garland created a graphic cat-eye that plays on the timeless ’60s version but has a modern spin for fall. Want to try creating your own liner look? It’s not that hard, we promise! Here, we’ve broken down how to recreate this bold and fun look into steps—and we’ve included all the products you’ll need.


You can also try this look on before even pickup up your eyeliner here. Using groundbreaking ModiFace technology, you can virtually try on this exact makeup look before committing to creating it at home. Cool, right?


Step 1

For a prepped and hydrated complexion that’s the perfect canvas for foundation, complete your skincare routine and finish with a primer like L’Oréal Paris Infallible Glow Lock Primer; it will help keep your foundation in place while giving your skin a radiant, healthy finish.


Step 2

No matter what makeup look you’re going for, flawless skin is a must. Reach for L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation to give your skin lightweight coverage that won’t look cakey. This foundation comes in 30 shades to ensure you get your perfect fit, plus it stays put for 24 hours (hence the name!). It gives you medium to full buildable coverage that looks natural and leaves your skin looking radiant.


Step 3

To perfectly frame your beautiful eyeliner look, it’s all about having natural and groomed brows. Using hairlike strokes, delicately fill in your arches with L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Micro Ink Pen. The precise comb tip lets you fill in sparser areas and leaves your brows with a microbladed effect that is waterproof and smudge- and transfer-resistant.


Step 4

Next up, your eyeliner masterpiece. Using L’Oréal Paris Infallible Flash Cat Eye Liner, start at the inner corner of your eye and draw a thin lash line along your top lashes, moving the pen outwards. Then, at the outer corner, angle your eyeliner pen slightly upwards and draw your wing. Continue to fill in your wing until you get the desired thickness, and then attach it to your lash line. Next, thicken your lash line until you’re happy with your winged eyeliner look. This liner comes with a handy stencil to help you draw the perfect wing in a flash.


Step 5

Now comes the graphic part of your liner look. Place your L’Oréal Paris Infallible Flash Cat Eye Liner at the tip of your wing on the outside corner of your eye and draw a line connecting your wing to a third of the way across your eyelid, straight across. It’s a good idea to have some cotton swabs and makeup remover handy just in case you make your line too thick or your hand is a bit shaky. Garland’s tip: If you’re right-handed, doing liner on your right eye is easy—but your left eye? Not so easy. Garland recommends doing your less dominant side first because once that side is complete, it’s much easier to balance out your good side to match.


Step 6

Your bold liner look is almost complete! To finish it off, add the final flick on the upper inner corner of your eyelid, but don’t attach the line to your outer flick—leave a gap between the two lines. Last but not least, extend the liner on your upper lash line in the inner corner of your eye downward slightly to give more of a cat-eye effect like the one Garland created for Cindy—and you’re done! Remember: Keep those cotton swabs and a makeup remover like L’Oréal Paris Gentle Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover on hand to clean up any shaky lines.


Step 7

To tie your eye look together, apply a coat of Bambi Eye Mascara in Blackest Black to your bottom lashes. Garland loves the bottom-only application for this look as it gives it a fresh, modern spin.


Step 8

To give your skin a luminous golden glow, apply L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Glow Amour Drops in Golden Hour to the high points of your face, like your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the top of your brow bone. These drops work wonders to revive a dull complexion and can be used alone, over or under makeup or mixed with a moisturizer or foundation for a subtle glow.


Step 9

To add a bit of definition to your face, apply a bronzer like L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Bronzer in Medium with a fluffy face brush. Gently sweep the product over your cheekbones, temples and jawline to give your features a more sculpted look.


Step 10

To tie your trendy eyeliner look all together, finish off with a glossy nude lip. Slick on L’Oréal Paris Brilliant Signature Shiny Color Ink in Be Determined to add a chic finishing touch to your look that won’t distract from your gorgeous liquid liner masterpiece.

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