Find Your Go-to Nail Colour By Zodiac Sign

  1. Taurus

As a Taurus, you love being grounded by nature. As spring is blooming, now more than ever you appreciate all that nature has to offer. To remind yourself of your love for nature, your go-to nail colour will be Vert D’Amour.

  1. Aries

Aries love anything that has to do with adventure! They also love spontaneity not only in their day to day but also incorporated into their style. This adventure and spontaneity matches perfectly with a vibrant red colour. After all, Aries is a fire sign. Your go-to nail colour will be Rouge Amour.

  1. Gemini

Gemini’s are one of the most social personalities of the zodiac, never afraid to push boundaries and try something new! They are also cheerful and always full of energy, which is why their perfect colour is a bright yellow. Their go-to nail colour will be Jaune Citron.

  1. Cancer

Cancers are the emotional personality of the zodiac. They love to experience the world through their feelings. They also find their mood influenced by the emotions of others around them. It is fitting that since the moon rules cancers, that their go-to colour is grey or silver. If you’re a cancer, try Colour Riche Nail Polish in shade Gris Nu>.

  1. Leo

Leo is all about power colours! They love being expressive and are always turning heads with not only their style but also their confidence. They are never afraid to think outside of the box and use their creativity to express how they are feeling. Leo’s go-to colour is a vibrant orange, because it is the essence of a power colour! Try Colour Riche Nail Polish in colour Orange Triomphe.

  1. Virgo

If you are looking for the perfectionist of the zodiac, you will sure find it in a Virgo! Their attention to detail and love for simplicity keeps them away from colorful accents. They feel more comfortable with neutral colour schemes. Their go-to colour is brown making shade Moka Chic their perfect nail colour.

  1. Libra

Libra’s are the essence of femininity and beauty. They strive to make everything feel and look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Their perfect colour match is a delicate pink shade. Try Colour Riche Nail Polish in shade Eau De Rose.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpios are mysterious personalities. For this, they love intense dark colours that reveal little about themselves and keep you guessing. Their go-to nail colour would be a classic black nail polish. What else is more mysterious than a dark shade? Try Colour Riche Nail Polish in shade Noir Noir.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a trailblazer and a true leader. They are true thinkers and exude wisdom throughout all their relationships. For this, their go-to colour is purple as it sparks their deep intuitive thoughts and help spark their creative thinking. Try using Colour Riche Nail Polish in shade Violette Souffle.

  1. Capricorn

Known as the ambitious personality of the zodiac, they are always focused on their end goal! They do not like distractions, practice immense self-control, and avoid being run by their emotions. For this, a neutral dark grey tone keeps them focused without the noise of loud colours. Try Colour Riche Nail Polish in shade Gris Decadent.

  1. Aquarius

They are always looking to make the world a better place! As a water sign, they look for colours that represent calmness, relaxation and spirituality. For this reason, their go to shade is blue, reminding them of their aquatic roots. Try Colour Riche Nail Polish in shade Blue Jasmin.

  1. Pisces

Pisces are artistic in their own right. They also have an immense amount of intuition and love to be surrounded by positivity. As a water sign, they are energized by colours representing the sea. For this, their go-to colour match would be a Seafoam green, or even a pastel green. Try the nail shade Pistache Royale.

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