Brilliant Dry-Shampoo Hacks You Need in Your Life

Dry shampoo is a magical, powdery product that keeps our second- (or third-, fourth- or fifth-) day hair looking gorgeous—and our loved ones from knowing when we last washed it.

The term “game-changer” gets thrown around a lot, especially when related to beauty, but dry shampoo has earned this title for several reasons. The main one being, it gives us permission to hit the snooze button and get an extra 15 minutes of sleep. It ensures that our strands don’t look greasy—and for that, we applaud you, dry shampoo.

Of course, its main objective is to remove dirt and oil, which means that this hard-working beauty aid not only buys us more time but also improves our haircare routine by letting us go a few extra days between washes. However, it does so much more. We’ve gathered as many hacks as we could to get the most bang out of our dry-shampoo bucks.

Adds mega volume

This stuff isn’t just good for greasy roots; it’s also great for adding oomph to limp hair. Wake up lifeless strands by saturating damp (90% dry) hair with dry shampoo from roots to ends. The powder coats the strands, plumping them up so they appear thicker and more voluminous. If you have dark hair, be sure to use a clear formula. L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Undone Volumizing Dry Shampoo is the best dry shampoo for brown hair as it won’t leave a chalky-white residue behind.

Give grip to slippery strands

If you’re looking to craft some box braids but you washed your hair the night before or your hair is thin, you’re going to need to add some grit. In fact, the best dry shampoo for fine hair is any dry shampoo because it adds dimension and prevents updos from slipping out. Flip your head over and spray a nice dose of dry shampoo, but don’t just focus on the roots; use it like you would a texturizing spray and cover your whole head.

Pre-workout spray

About to sweat it out in a spin class but have dinner plans right after and don’t have time to rinse off? Spray L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Undone Volumizing Dry Shampoo to your roots before you click into your pedals. It will absorb sweat and oil during class, which will give you a quick exit with minimal zhushing post-spin class.

Coat your bobby pins

If you’re finding your bobby pins scattered all over your house because they slip on the regular, try this pro tip. Spread your pins (or barrettes) out on the counter and then spray them with dry shampoo. The coating gives added grip and reinforces the hold.

Wavy baby

On a quest to achieve perfect beachy waves? It’s all about getting those curls to look loose, piece-y and imperfect. The problem is that hairspray tends to work against you because it sticks together, especially if you add humidity to the mix. Keep your waves from clumping together by spraying a starch-based dry shampoo, like L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Undone Volumizing Dry Shampoo, all over your hair after you curl it. It coats your hair and makes it dry and matte so there’s no risk of your curls sticking together. 

Hair oil overdose rescue

It’s happened to all of us: While attempting to add some shine, we apply way too much hair oil in one section and now said section looks stringy and less shiny. Don’t panic! Simply spray dry shampoo on the patch; it will suck up the oil and help matte down the greasy.

Fringe benefits

Having blunt bangs isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a lifestyle. When they get greasy, they naturally start to separate in the middle, and washing and blow-drying them is usually the only fix. However, the invisible and volumizing L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Undone Volumizing Dry Shampoo can tackle the dreaded “curtain bangs.” Spray the roots of your bangs and brush out. This will keep the hairs from sticking together—and buy you another day or two before you have to wash and blow-dry.

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