Beauty Products That Will Do Double Duty

Multi-tasking isn't just a great skill for humans; double-duty beauty products are highly covetable, too. See essentials in a new light and learn how to use concealer as foundation, eyeshadow as contouring powder, mascara as brow gel and more.

The perfect base

Toting around a full bottle of foundation all day (or night!) is not only impractical but also unnecessary. Instead, add a full-coverage concealer to your makeup bag and you’ll be touch-up-ready on-the-go with room to spare. With a highly pigmented formula and an extra-large doe-foot applicator, L’Oréal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer makes it easy to achieve full-face coverage that rivals the best full-coverage foundation. First, swipe the creamy texture where it’s needed. The best undereye concealer, it’s ideal for eliminating dark circles because it’s waterproof, non-greasy and won’t fade or flake. Each of the 25 transfer-resistant shades dry to a natural finish, and they’re also designed to camouflage redness, scars, veins and bruises. Next, choose your favourite beauty tool. To achieve a flawless finish, blending is the most important step and worthy of dedicated time. Using fingers will help warm the product up so it melts as it’s massaged into the skin, leading to an effortlessly natural look. If you prefer using a brush, choose one with synthetic bristles that will pick up and distribute the concealer smoothly, rather than a brush with natural bristles, which isn’t ideal for applying liquid beauty products. Have a soft spot for a beauty sponge? No problem! Be sure it’s damp, and use a gentle buffing action for smooth, seamless results. And don’t let that love affair linger: Sponges should be washed and dried daily and replaced every three months.

If you’re looking for a full face of coverage, your trusty L’Oréal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer can also do double duty as a light to medium coverage foundation by mixing it with a bit of moisturizer. It’s super simple: using the doe foot applicator, apply as much concealer as you need onto the back of your hand. Next, squeeze out as much moisturizer onto the back of your hand as needed. For a lightweight finish on your skin, try L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care for Oily Skin. In order to tailor the amount of coverage you want, you can play around with the ratio of concealer to moisturizer. More concealer will give you a fuller coverage whereas if you apply less concealer and more moisturizer, that will provide a lightweight, sheer coverage. Once you have your desired amounts on the back of your hand, simply mix them together using your finger, a sponge or a foundation brush and volia! You’ve now got a bespoke foundation that will give your skin flawless coverage in a pinch.

Good to glow

If you’re looking for one magical palette, it’s time to call off the search!

Yes, the L’Oréal Paris Paradise Enchanted Shadow Palette Scented boasts warm, universally flattering shades that are the shortcut to pretty, never overdone, eye makeup. But the 12 matte and shimmering-pearl shadows in beautifully soft hues can also create a picture-perfect face in three easy steps. Step 1: Use a matte-brown shade as a contouring powder, choosing the light, medium or dark option that aligns with your skin tone. Sculpt cheekbones by sweeping powder over your cheeks in a slight diagonal line from the tragus (the nub that covers the ear canal) toward the outer corner of your mouth. Blend to soften any harsh lines. Apply leftover product along your hairline to subtly contour your forehead. Step 2: Add a healthy flush to the apples of your cheeks. Choose the coolest matte-pink hue if your skin tone is fair and the deeper matte rose if your skin tone is medium to dark. Step 3: Elevate your inner radiance by dusting a shimmering pearl tone along the tops of your cheekbones. The warm bronze is ideal if your skin tone is deep, the blush shade suits medium skin tones and champagne is a match for those who are fair. Ta-da!

Brow wow

Don’t you love it when a beauty product is more than meets the eye? In this case, that definition couldn’t be more accurate: Eye makeup essentials can do double duty on brows. If you need to add definition and fullness to sparse arches, a finely sharpened eyeliner can be used as a brow pencil. Try L’Oréal Paris Superliner Le Kohl Eyeliner in Pure Espresso. Use a light hand and short flicks to mimic the effect of fine hairs. And for dark brows in need of dimension and hold, you can use brown or black mascara as brow gel. Lightly comb L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lashparadise Mascara through brows, removing excess product from the wand before applying and/or following up with a clean spoolie for even distribution.

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