What is Ammonia?

Ammonia is a common ingredient in hair color, it’s an alkaline chemical that helps the dye deposit itself onto the cortex of the hair. Typically, ammonia changes the pH level of the hair, and this can weaken strands and cause protein loss. Ammonia is in permanent hair dyes to give the tone longevity, but it’s not necessary in all at-home hair colors.

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100% grey coverage

Discover our new ammonia-free hair color, L'Oréal Paris Excellence Crème Universal Nudes offer 100% grey coverage, ammonia free, with a triple care color routine including the caring color cream, caring shampoo, and caring conditioner. 

With the new universal reflect, a unique blend of warm and cool flattering reflects, you will easily achieve color results that flatters all skin complexions.

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First greys 

L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is an 100% ammonia-free color gloss made with 90% natural origin ingredients. 

This formula is packed with conditioning ingredients that pamper each strand while enhancing your natural color with a boost of shine. Perfect for first-time hair dyers as it's foolproof and easy to use, L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is also perfect for first greys as it gently blends the greys away. 

Casting Natural Gloss is a demi permanent hair color and will last up to 28 shampoos.

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Find the perfect hair color that matches your desired look with our personalized services.

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Phones Apps
  • Virtual Try On
    Virtually try on a multiple shades across our hair color range to pick a shade that suits you best.
  • Hair Color Diagnosis
    Quickly identify the perfect formula and shade to reach your hair color dreams.
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