5 concealer tips to perfect your look

Concealer can be used for so much more than just covering blemishes—here are five new ways to use the product

We all know that concealer is a great tool for covering blemishes, dark circles and for helping to even out skin tone. Thanks to beauty editors, beauty bloggers and beauty Instagrammers, there are so many unexpected ways to use this product that you might not have even thought of. Here are five interesting and helpful ways to use your concealer.

But first, find your concealer makeup shade

Finding the right shade doesn’t need to be difficult, but it can be disastrous if you pick a concealer that doesn’t match your skin tone. When in doubt, err on the side of something too light for you instead of too dark. To try and find your perfect true match, make sure to test the shade on the inside of your wrist or your jawline to get the most accurate match. Try L’Oréal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer which offers up medium-buildable coverage in a formula that blurs and perfects in a super smooth and hydrating formula.

Tip #1: A tip for under-eye circles

While the use of concealer for dark circles isn’t new, there is a right way to apply the product. Instead of applying concealer in a half moon shape that mimics the shape of your eye, apply the concealer in an inverted triangle shape. Not only will it offer plenty of coverage, but it also creates the illusion of brighter eyes in general, by making sure that your under-eye makeup blends seamlessly into the rest of your face.

Tip #2: Make your eye shadow even better

Did you know you can use concealer to prep your eyelids for your eye shadow? Especially with powder eye shadow, it’s important that your product has something to grip onto so that it stays put—your skin alone is often not enough especially since we blink all day, disrupting product. By using the best concealer first and then applying powder eye shadow, the shadow grips to a creamy concealer and stays put for so much longer.

Tip #3: Fix mistakes

Instead of opting for a concealer that’s lighter than your natural skin tone, pick one that is exactly the same. By opting for a true shade, you’ll be able to fix and refine all your makeup mistakes. For example, if you find your perfect match in the L’Oréal Paris True Match Infallible Full Wear Concealer

, you can make sure your cat-eye is precise, blend over any harsh contour or blush lines and even make sure your lipstick doesn’t bleed all because. Now, concealer makeup doesn’t just have to conceal—it can also fix. Simple dip an angled brush into your concealer and use it to fix any smudges or mistakes with a precise application. In the case of fixing complexion, simple put a bit of concealer on a foundation brush and blend, blend, blend until your mistake has been toned down.

Tip #4: Use As Lip liner

Concealer is a great companion to anything to do with your lips. For starters, it’s a no-fail lip liner option no matter what shade of lipstick you’re wearing. It’s also a great tool if you’re wearing a lipstick shade that isn’t quite working with your natural lip colour, which tends to be darker than your skin tone. To neutralize your natural lip colour, simply put a thin layer of concealer on with a concealer brush before swiping on your lipstick shade. You can also dab a tiny bit of concealer in the center of your lips after applying your shade and blend with the same concealer brush to give the illusion of filler lips.

Tip #5: Make your concealer multi-purpose

This is a great travel hack when you need to save on space and keep your toiletries to a minimum. You can skip the foundation when you pack just your L’Oréal Paris True Match Infallible Full Wear Concealer and your moisturizer. By combining the two you can create a tinted moisturizer (if you put more moisturizer) or a foundation (if you put more concealer). Plus, this way you know it will be your perfect complexion match, and you can make sure all the beauty products you pack are pulling double duty and saving you space.

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